‘Bad Man Do’ By Johnny Benzx, Emilian Starz & LBK Nandeboy Is A Vibe



By Isaac Tugume


The latest vibe in town is ‘Bad Man Do’, a very animated jam by Nigerian artist Johnny Benzx, featuring Uganda’s Emilian Starz and Congo’s LBK Nandeboy.

A thrilling masterpiece that is leaving everyone who listens to it nodding in approval, ‘Bad Man Do’ rightly qualifies to be branded the future of African music.

With ‘Bad Man Do’ Johnny Benzx proves that he has since found his footing in as far as the African music landscape is concerned, especially because it’s a song that easily cuts across a multiplicity of audiences.

Now becoming a party anthem in Uganda, Nigeria, Congo and other countries, ‘Bad Man Do’ is leaving a smile on the faces of those who encounter it, especially because it’s a jam that has everything for everybody.

It is a studio project that has been positively acclaimed by fans from various parts of the continent who cannot seem to get enough of it, reason why the audio boasts over 25K YouTube views and still counting.

To stream this massive banger on YouTube, just tap the link above and let the music do the talking!



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