‘Dictionary’ Video By Emilian Starz Proves She’s Unstoppable



By Isaac Tugume


Female Ugandan artist Emilian Starz has out a fresh video dubbed ‘Dictionary’, which is proving to everyone, including naysayers and doubters, that nothing and no one is about to stop her from hitting the horizon in the music industry.

Ever since she released ‘Dictionary’, which has thrust her into her limelight, Emilian Starz has been on an unstoppable ascent as far as her music star is concerned, because it is now shining in the hearts of tens of thousands of Ugandans.

‘Dictionary’, which is being streamed by over 101K fans on YouTube and still counting, is now one of the songs shaping the Ugandan music scene because it’s a jam that’s so addictive and everyone who encounters it the first time ends up yearning for more of it.

The passion and seduction with which Emilian Starz performs ‘Dictionary’ will leave you feeling so love-sick and tempt you into falling in love so that you can also have that special someone who is your sweet, love ‘Dictionary’!

Emilian Starz unveils ‘Dictionary’ with a very distinctive and infectious touch that compels everyone to pause whatever they are doing so that they can listen to what she is saying in this song.

Go stream the ‘Dictionary’ video on YouTube by clicking the link above now!


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