‘Hallelujah’ Star Nina Roz To Kick Off New Year With Fresh Banger




By Isaac Tugume

Self-claimed Ugandan property Nina Roz, who has out a pulsing video with Pastor William Bugembe titled ‘Hallelujah’, is set to start the year 2024 by dropping another banger!

Sources within Black Market Records, the label under which she distributes her music, reveal that after registering immense success last year, Nina Roz is hell-bent on working even harder this year by dropping hits back-to-back so that she can maintain the veracity with which she attacked the Ugandan music industry.

With ‘Hallelujah’ being streamed by over 342K fans on YouTube and still going strong across the country, there is no doubt that whatever Nina Roz is cooking will be even more incredible than anything else she has dropped in the recent past.

Known for her exceptional versatility and amazing creativity when it comes to music, Nina Roz is one of those few Ugandan artists who have over time ensured that they remain relevant by always releasing music that appeals to multiple audiences.

Take for example ‘Hallelujah’, a song through which she is making a great impact on people of all ages, cultures, beliefs, and social statuses because it inspires hope for victory for everyone who listens to it.

As we all await her next project therefore, which will come as a surprise to many, let’s not forget to tap the link above to stream ‘Hallelujah’ on YouTube.


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