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‘Dictionary’ By Emilian Starz Is Early Valentine’s Day Gift

By Isaac Tugume

As we count down the days to February 14th, Ugandan vocalist Emilian Starz already has a special Valentine’s Day gift for her fans, which is her latest video dubbed ‘Dictionary’.

 ‘Dictionary’, which now commands the attention of over 116K people on YouTube, is the ideal melody for lovers to experience as they enjoy themselves on Valentine’s Day.

This is because, through this ballad, Emilian Starz paints a vivid picture of how every man ought to treat his Valentine (Lover), and she hopes they can pick a cue from her.

The song takes the storyline of a woman who is deeply in love with a man simply because he has answers to all the questions she asks about love.

And by the way, it’s important to note that ‘Dictionary’ is an all-time classic because love doesn’t stop only on Valentine’s Day but it’s a lifelong experience, meaning that the song will keep lovers company for several years to come!!

Anyway, the good news is that ‘Dictionary’ is available for streaming on YouTube so you don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to share this gift with your loved one; simply tap the link above to enjoy it!

‘Nwanilako’:  New Jam By Nina Roz Drops This Week


By Isaac Tugume

We told you a few days ago that Ugandan diva Nina Roz is set to drop a new banger that will kickstart the new year for her fans; well we have it on good grounds that the jam she is set to release has since been confirmed to be titled ‘Nwanilako’.

Sources within Black Market Records, the label under which she does her music thing, have revealed to us that Nina Roz is officially releasing ‘Nwanilako’ this week and that it’s dropping on YouTube and digital platforms any time from now.

‘Nwanilako’, which will take many of her fans by storm is a captivating song in which Nina Roz is out to let the world know that relationships are a two-way thing and that spouses or partners are supposed to be there for each other no matter what happens during the time they are together.

However, as we wait for her to drop this new tune, let’s not forget that Nina Roz has out YouTube a sizzling video with pastor Wilson Bugembe dubbed ‘Hallelujah’.

Please tap the link above to stream ‘Hallelujah’ as we await the release of her new banger ‘Nwanilako’!


‘Hallelujah’ Singer Nina Roz Reveals Why She Decided To Back To School



By Isaac Tugume

Celebrated Ugandan female musician Nina Roz, who has out a motivational song with pastor Wilson Bugembe, has revealed why she decided to return to University this year, several years after she had dropped out to pursue her music career.

Nina Roz surprised thousands of her fans this week when she announced that she is set to resume studies this year at the  International University of East Africa, where she is to pursue a bachelors degree in Business Administration.

The announcement took many of her fans by storm and to calm down the fire she sparked with the news, Nina Roz has since come out to address the matter.

“I wanted to add on what I know and I wanted to learn what I don’t know. Going back to school was a choice I made because there is life after music. I wanna get skills and experience, I wanna learn a lot. It was a personal decision that I made for my life,” Nina Roz said on social media, following incessant questions from her fans.

Meanwhile, the best part of it is that Nina Roz doesn’t intend to halt her music career in the pursuit of higher education because she intends to continue thrilling her audience with great jams starting this January!

It should be recalled that in 2021 Nina Roz dropped out of the International University of East Africa, where she was pursuing a bachelors degree in Business Administration,  to concentrate on her music career.

Now that she has already made it as one of Uganda’s leading female artists, there is no reason why she shouldn’t pursue her other aspirations.

As we wish her well in her endeavours therefore, let’s not forget to tap the link above to stream ‘Hallelujah’ on YouTube, a song in which she reminds everyone that with God’s grace, everything is possible!



 ‘Hallelujah’ Star Nina Roz To Kick Off New Year With Fresh Banger




By Isaac Tugume

Self-claimed Ugandan property Nina Roz, who has out a pulsing video with Pastor William Bugembe titled ‘Hallelujah’, is set to start the year 2024 by dropping another banger!

Sources within Black Market Records, the label under which she distributes her music, reveal that after registering immense success last year, Nina Roz is hell-bent on working even harder this year by dropping hits back-to-back so that she can maintain the veracity with which she attacked the Ugandan music industry.

With ‘Hallelujah’ being streamed by over 342K fans on YouTube and still going strong across the country, there is no doubt that whatever Nina Roz is cooking will be even more incredible than anything else she has dropped in the recent past.

Known for her exceptional versatility and amazing creativity when it comes to music, Nina Roz is one of those few Ugandan artists who have over time ensured that they remain relevant by always releasing music that appeals to multiple audiences.

Take for example ‘Hallelujah’, a song through which she is making a great impact on people of all ages, cultures, beliefs, and social statuses because it inspires hope for victory for everyone who listens to it.

As we all await her next project therefore, which will come as a surprise to many, let’s not forget to tap the link above to stream ‘Hallelujah’ on YouTube.


‘Hallelujah’ By Nina Roz ft. Pr. Bugembe Will Fire Up Your X-Mas


By Isaac Tugume


In case you are looking for music that will make your Christmas season worth remembering then ‘Hallelujah’, a very inspirational song by Nina Roz featuring Pastor Wilson Bugembe is the best choice for you.

‘Hallelujah’ is the only song that you can enjoy either with family, friends, or your special someone because in this gospel tune Nina Roz brings a message for virtually every living person.

The message that Nina Roz delivers in ‘Hallelujah’ is simple; no matter the challenges you have faced in your life this year, just know that it’s not yet over, because God hasn’t forgotten all about you.

She is here to remind believers that the soul that loves God has its rest in God, and in God alone, reason why they should never lose their trust and faith in Him; what better message for Christmas would anyone want than this!

With over 323K YouTube views and still counting, no one can doubt the massive impact that Nina Roz is having on people’s lives with ‘Hallelujah’.

And, did you know that by simply tapping the link above you too can stream ‘Hallelujah’ on YouTube and be a part of this spiritual deliverance that Nina Roz brings to the world?



‘Hallelujah’ By Nina Roz ft. Pr. Bugembe Is Food For The Soul

‘Hallelujah’ By Nina Roz ft. Pr. Bugembe Is Food For The Soul

By Isaac Tugume

Just like Jesus Christ fed multitudes of people with five loaves of bread and two fish in the desert, Ugandan artist Nina Roz is feeding hundreds of thousands of souls with ‘Hallelujah’, a spiritual song that features Pr. Wilson Bugembe!

A very holistic song, ‘Hallelujah’ is becoming a balanced diet for several souls that had lost faith and hope in God, because Nina Roz delivers these in abundance through this great jam.

Thanks to the spiritual power that Nina Roz invokes for everyone through this song, ‘Hallelujah’ has become the only source of courage that’s enabling people to cope with some of life’s greatest challenges, including poverty, stress, depression, and grief!

Indeed, whether you’re a devout observer of a specific religion, or just dipping your toes into the world of spirituality, no one remains the same after experiencing ‘Hallelujah’, because it’s the kind of song that instantly reminds everyone that God is above everything else in this world.

No wonder the video is being streamed by over 320K and still counting on YouTube, because with ‘Hallelujah’ Nina Roz delivers a very important divine message that shouldn’t be ignored by anyone.

It is because of this that everyone is urged to tap the link above to stream Hallelujah on YouTube!


Nina Roz Thrills As She Performs ‘Hallelujah’ Live At Purple Party




By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan vocal queen Nina Roz on Sunday brought down the house at Imperial Resort Beach, Entebbe, where she performed her latest hit dubbed ‘Hallelujah’, ft. Pr. Wilson Bugembe, live at the Purple Party.

Nina Roz, who has been trending ever since she released ‘Hallelujah’, which is a very powerful gospel jam, thrilled the crowd with her signature energetic performance because she staged a show that not many people in the crowd expected her to pull off.




Besides ‘Hallelujah’ however, which has so far attracted over 319K YouTube views and still counting, Nina Roz rocked the crowd with her other great jams like; ‘Nangana’, ‘Billboard Kipande’, and ‘Enyonta’.

Shortly after her electrifying performance, Nina Roz said thus the event on Instagram;

“I love the fact that regardless of the judgments of this evil world, we still know God and we are not afraid to speak about his goodness no matter where or what we do @wilsonbugembe. May your name be lifted above all names Lord.”

Well, in case you missed watching Nina Roz perform live at the Purple Party, then tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube. You can also check out the clip that she shared on Instagram about her performance.


 Nina Roz Draws Ugandans Closer To God With ‘Hallelujah’ ft. Pr. Bugembe




By Isaac Tugume

Musician Nina Roz is doing a great job at bringing Ugandans closer to God through her latest single titled ‘Hallelujah’,  which she performs with pastor Wilson Bugembe, a well-known preacher and gospel music artist.

Everyone who experiences ‘Hallelujah’ does not remain the same, because the song not only drives them into embracing the Holy Spirit but also reminds them about God’s healing power through prayer.

Through this motivational song, which has since circulated widely across the country, Nina Roz reminds everyone that the only way we can communicate with God is through prayer and that if we constantly communicate with Him, then we shall never lose our hope and faith in the Lord!

The next time you need a quick reminder that God is near, simply turn to Nina Roz’s ‘Hallelujah’ and you will testify about the miraculous power this song confers unto everyone who listens to it.

Believe it or not, ‘Hallelujah’, which has attracted over 310K YouTube views and still counting, is a song through which Nina Roz is here to proclaim to the world that God does nothing except in response to believing prayer and whoever believes in Him shall never lack anything!

‘Hallelujah’ is not your usual kind of song, because it testifies to the fact that the power of prayer is so enriching and allows us to witness God’s great works among His people; if you doubt this, tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube!


 Nina Roz Is New Santa, Her Gift Is ‘Hallelujah’ ft. Pr. Bugembe




By Isaac Tugume

Famous female musician Nina Roz is the Ugandan Santa and this festive season, she comes laden with a special gift that is intended for the benefit of all humankind; the gift is none other than her powerful song titled ‘Hallelujah’, a collabo with a renowned preacher and gospel music singer Pr. Wilson Bugembe.

‘Hallelujah’, which is by far the most perfect gift for everyone, according to Nina Roz, is aimed at renewing hope and faith amongst all Christians as they commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Nina Roz
Nina Roz

This is because just as Jesus Christ was born and lived a life full of challenges but never gave up His faith in God, Nina Roz wants her audience to follow the same example, reminding them that the same God who helped Jesus to overcome his challenges will enable them to overcome theirs.

We all know that faith in God and the hope that at some point He will answer our prayers is the best gift we can ever have in life; that’s exactly what Nina Roz delivers in ‘Hallelujah’, a song that has since attracted over 308K YouTube views and still counting.

If you were thus looking around for the ideal gift to give your loved ones or family this festive season then look no further, because Nina Roz already got you covered.

‘Hallelujah’ By Nina Roz ft. Pr. Bugembe Is Hope For New Life




By Isaac Tugume

If you are being burdened by your current life or feel like God forgot about you, then you haven’t had a chance to listen to ‘Hallelujah’, a song by Nina Roz and Pastor Wilson Bugembe, which is so life-changing!

Wrapped with a spiritual aura and delivered with divine favour, ‘Hallelujah’ has become a fountain of godly comfort for hundreds of thousands of people, especially those who had lost hope in life, and those facing difficult times because of the endless challenges they face.

Packaged with a message that cuts across all divides of people, ‘Hallelujah’ is now being regarded by many as the greatest gift from Nina Roz to the world this year that needs no wrapping, because it’s intended for the hearts and souls of believers everywhere.

The song reminds people that there should always be hope for a new beginning and that no matter the challenges we face, our faith and belief in God must always remain steadfast, because He can never fail us.

And, with over 299K YouTube views, who can really doubt the immense impact that ‘Hallelujah’ already has on Nina Roz’s audience, apart from the unlucky few people who haven’t experienced this jam yet?

Dear brothers and sisters, don’t miss out on God’s favour, just tap the link above to stream ‘Hallelujah’ on YouTube right now!