‘Achibella’ Video By Josephyl ft. Exray Taniua, Teslah & GJB100 Debuts On YouTube




By Isaac Tugume

Josephyl has at long last released the long-awaited video for his single ‘Achibella’, a pulsating collabo with Exray Taniua, Teslah, and GJB100, which is bound to spark shockwaves throughout the Kenyan music arena.

So fresh and hot, the ‘Achibella’ video has since debuted on YouTube, where Josephyl’s fans are already streaming it because the visuals for this tune are so mind-blowing and irresistible!

Josephyl, Teslah & GJB100

‘Achibella’ is a song about a woman who pretends to love a man but then ends up frolicking with others, and in so doing hurting his emotions and shattering his feelings for her, although he doesn’t intend to easily give up on his pursuit of her.

With ‘Achibella’, a song that describes a situation that scores of men easily relate with, Josephyl is out to urge men in relationships to exercise as much patience as they can, to avoid making rash mistakes.

Only a man who has never encountered a woman who plays hide and seek with his heart will ignore the message Josephyl and the other artists deliver in ‘Achibella’ because it concerns almost every man on earth.

Click the link above to stream the video on YouTube now that it’s out because no man would want to have a woman like ‘Achibella’ in their life!



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