‘Show Me’ By Thee Exit Band ft. Fathermoh & Collo Blue Is A Dance Extravaganza




By Isaac Tugume

If you are into music that can make you dance till you drop then ‘Show Me’ by Thee Exit Band featuring Fathermoh and Collo Blue is the ultimate jam for you!

This video, which is being streamed by over 27K fans on YouTube just two days after its release, gives everyone a chance to showcase their moves because it’s a pulsating dance variety!

Directed by ace Kenyan videographer Tony De Gigz, ‘Show Me’ is a combination of scintillating dance moves and pulsating beats that is becoming infectious for everyone who experiences it, because it is so spectacular.

‘Show Me’ as a studio project proves that Thee Exit Band is an unstoppable musical outfit and that their ascent to the helm of the Kenyan music industry is imminent because it’s just a matter of time before they get there.

Their unique lyrical flair adds flavour to this collaborative effort with Fathermoh and Collo Blue, turning ‘Show Me’ into a spectacular musical creation that wows everyone who comes across it.

Actually, with ‘Show Me’, Thee Exit Band unleashed for their fans a melodic extravaganza with a distinctive touch that has been missing in Kenyan music for a long time, reason why the video is attracting massive attention from their fans.

Stream the video on YouTube by simply tapping the link above.



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