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‘Njeri’ By Josephyl, Teslah & Joefes Is Real Life Story


By Isaac Tugume

Josephyl’s latest single ‘Njeri’, which features Teslah and Joefes, is a song that so many people easily identify with, especially because it portrays a situation that has happened in their lives or in the lives of those they know.

A song that commands the attention of people of all ages, social statuses, and, religions, ‘Njeri’ is a captivating story of a woman who is in a relationship with a man but seems discontented with what she has, so she keeps yearning for more than he can give her, and by so doing, ends up straying with other men.

In ‘Njeri’, Josephyl, Teslah, and Joefes take the audience on an electrifying musical journey, touching on personal introspection, social commentary, and the intricacies of human relationships, with the intent of wanting people to know that it’s always good for them to consider compatibility before committing in a relationship.

Their synergy and lyrical dexterity create a dynamic and high-energy experience we all witness in ‘Njeri’ and everyone who has experienced the song is left with a lasting after-effect, which makes them want to listen to it over and over again.

Make sure to stream ‘Njeri’ on YouTube by tapping the link above.


‘Njeri’ By Josephyl, Teslah & Joefes Doing Rounds On Airwaves


By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan artists Teslah, Josephyl, and Joefes are making a buzz with their captivating collabo titled ‘Njeri’, which debuted on YouTube and digital platforms a few days ago.

A very hair-raising jam, ‘Njeri’ is the song being treated to massive airplay across Kenya, especially because besides the thrilling beats, the artists tend to envision a real-life situation that several youths can easily identify with.

‘Njeri’ is a song about girls who enter into relationships with men but after dating for some time find it so difficult to commit and because of that they keep straying after other men.

As they perform ‘Njeri’, Teslah, Josephyl, and Joefes paint a scene of things that thousands of youths see happening in their daily lives, especially among couples in their communities.

Being a song that people easily relate with ‘Njeri’ is becoming one of the popular jams in various parts of Kenya and other Swahili-speaking countries, because there are so many women like Njeri not only in Kenya but also in other countries.

‘Njeri’ is available for streaming on YouTube and all you have to do is tap the link above.


Josephyl Bounces Back With Refreshing Single ‘Njeri’



By Isaac Tugume

The Kenyan music scene has been bombarded with a fresh drop titled ‘Njeri’, a production of Josephyl, who is one of Kenya’s most illustrious artists.

‘Njeri’, which is a studio project that kicks off the New Year for Josephyl in style, debuted today on YouTube and digital platforms, sparking lots of excitement among his fans.

The song, which is another electrifying creation courtesy of Josephyl, takes the storyline of a woman called Njeri, who is in a relationship with a man but instead of settling down with him she is still out there looking for other guys.

In this tune, Josephyl lashes out at women who don’t want to settle down in one relationship but instead prefer to jump from one man to another, which in most cases breeds domestic violence and strife in relationships.

Known for producing music with a lasting impact on listeners, Josephyl is once again back with a very thought-provoking message in ‘Njeri’, which thousands of his fans will find very palatable!

This is mainly because he’s out to address a very important issue that most men easily identify with in their day-to-day lives, which is infidelity on the side of women.

Click the link above to stream the jam on YouTube instantly.



Team Veterans Reveals Why Money Is A Must-have In ‘Invest’ ft. Josephyl



By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan Gengetone group Team Veterans is out to make everyone know that money is a must-have in life and they are doing this through their freshest tune dubbed ‘Invest’, which features Josephyl.

Available for streaming on YouTube and digital platforms, ‘Invest’ is a musical revelation of why we should all have money on our minds all the time, and why we ought to put it to good use through investment.

It’s because of this that several Kenyans are finding ‘Invest’ a song that is by all means worth listening to; it’s not only very entertaining but also carries a very important message for everyone in their right senses.

It is a motivational jam that is ideal for every hustler and employee to listen to because Team Veterans are here to remind us that the easiest way to get rich is to invest the little money we earn from our respective hustles.

Being a song that carries a lot of meaning, chances are high that ‘Invest’ is likely to become the latest street slogan in Kenya, because it’s a song that almost everybody easily identifies with.

To stream the jam on YouTube,  just click the link above.



Team Veterans Release New Jam ‘Invest’ ft. Josephyl




By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan singing duo Team Veterans has released a new single titled ‘Invest’, which is a captivating collabo with Josephyl that is now causing a buzz on YouTube and digital platforms.

A highly motivational song, ‘Invest’ is a jam that’s basically about the good things a person can enjoy if they put their money to good use by investing it in viable business ventures.

Although they have over time been known for releasing reverberating club bangers, Team Veterans decided to take their creativity and versatility a notch higher this time, by dropping a song that’s for the benefit of all mankind.

This is because it’s known the world over that the easiest way someone can change their life for the better is by investing time and money in worthwhile ventures; that’s the message Team Veterans and Josephyl emphasize in this track.

In other words, much as they have set a legacy for producing music that induces people to party without fear or favour to anyone, Team Veterans this time round decided to release a song that’s aimed at uplifting the lives of their fans and, with a track like ‘Invest’, they can never go wrong!

Click the link above to stream the audio on YouTube but don’t forget that ‘Invest’ is also available on digital platforms.

‘Achibella’ By Josephyl, Teslah & Exray Taniua ft. GJB100 Is Top Shatter




By Isaac Tugume

If you haven’t yet experienced ‘Achibella’, a thrilling music video by Josephyl, Teslah, and Exray Taniua featuring GJB100, then you don’t know what on earth you are missing!

A video that ought to be watched by every man on earth, at least before he dies, ‘Achibella’ is a tale of love, heartache, patience, and a burning desire for a man to be with a woman who is never there when he needs her.

In ‘Achibella’, which is a fascinating jam, Josephyl is out to share compassion with men whose hearts have been shattered by the women they loved, and those who still have hope in troubled relationships that things will work out for them at some point in time.

A highly emotional and heart-warming song, ‘Achibella’ is being streamed by over 41K people on YouTube and still counting, which indicates that there are thousands of people who easily relate to the storyline that Josephyl takes in this jam.

It is through ‘Achibella’ that Josephyl reminds men to always cherish, appreciate, and ensure that they never hurt the women who love them because true love doesn’t come easily and once lost, is very hard to find again!

Go stream the video on YouTube by clicking the link above because like it or not, no man would live a peaceful life with a woman like ‘Achibella’ as his lover.


‘Achibella’ Video By Josephyl ft. Exray Taniua, Teslah & GJB100 Debuts On YouTube




By Isaac Tugume

Josephyl has at long last released the long-awaited video for his single ‘Achibella’, a pulsating collabo with Exray Taniua, Teslah, and GJB100, which is bound to spark shockwaves throughout the Kenyan music arena.

So fresh and hot, the ‘Achibella’ video has since debuted on YouTube, where Josephyl’s fans are already streaming it because the visuals for this tune are so mind-blowing and irresistible!

Josephyl, Teslah & GJB100

‘Achibella’ is a song about a woman who pretends to love a man but then ends up frolicking with others, and in so doing hurting his emotions and shattering his feelings for her, although he doesn’t intend to easily give up on his pursuit of her.

With ‘Achibella’, a song that describes a situation that scores of men easily relate with, Josephyl is out to urge men in relationships to exercise as much patience as they can, to avoid making rash mistakes.

Only a man who has never encountered a woman who plays hide and seek with his heart will ignore the message Josephyl and the other artists deliver in ‘Achibella’ because it concerns almost every man on earth.

Click the link above to stream the video on YouTube now that it’s out because no man would want to have a woman like ‘Achibella’ in their life!



Josephyl Set To  Drop ‘Achibella’ Video ft. Teslah, Exray Taniua & GJB100



By Isaac Tugume


Vocalist Josephyl, who is one of Kenya’s profound artists, has a surprise for his fans as we end the year; he is set to unveil the official video for ‘Achibella’, a banger he performs with Exray Taniua, Teslah, and GJB100.

The countdown for the official release of the video has already kicked off because sources close to Josephyl reveal that it is just a matter of hours before it debuts on YouTube.

Packed with fascinating scenes and fantastic choreography, the ‘Achibella’ video will rock the Kenyan music scene for longer than anyone can ever anticipate because just like Teslah says, this one is a masterpiece!

A very enthralling and melodious creation, ‘Achibella’ is a song for every man in love with a woman who also claims to love him, but instead of reciprocating the feelings he has for her, she just toys around with his heart.

With ‘Achibella’ Josephyl not only sings for his audience in Kenya but also reaches out to all men the world over because at least 9 out of every 10 men have experienced the situation he mirrors in this song.

Matter of fact, clips for the video are already going viral on TikTok and Instagram even before its official release, because ‘Achibella’ is a song about a situation that thousands of people easily identify with.

As we all await the release of the video let’s make sure to tap the link above to stream the ‘Achibella’ audio on YouTube first!