‘Sijai Kuona’ Video By Nelly The Goon Premieres On PPP TV



By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone artist Nelly  The Goon is already making huge steps with his debut music video dubbed ‘Sijai Kuona’, which has since been unleashed for viewers by Kenyan TV station PPP TV.


‘Sijai Kuona’, which is Nelly The Goon’s debut solo project, was unveiled on Tuesday on PPP TV’s famous show known as the DJ Mix, which features only the latest, hottest music videos from East Africa.

A song that is increasingly becoming popular among thousands of Kenyan music enthusiasts and keeping Nelly The Goon in the limelight, ‘Sijai Kuona’ is hitting everyone differently.

This is mainly because in this jam, Nelly The Goon, who is a member of Gengetone group Ochungulo Family, lashes out at people who live fake lives instead of being true to themselves.

It is because of the storm that Nelly The Goon raises in this jam for all pretenders and hypocrites that ‘Sijai Kuona’ is becoming some sort of street anthem in Kenya because the song resonates well with many of his fans.

Indeed, it’s not by accident or good luck that the video has been streamed by over 14K fans and counting on YouTube just two days after its release, because everyone who encounters ‘Sijai Kuona’ wants to have more and more of it.

If you haven’t got the chance to watch this video on PPP TV yet, then tap the link above to stream it on YouTube!

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