NBS TV Unveils ‘Dictionary’ Video By Emilian Starz




By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan TV stations are overwhelmingly embracing ‘Dictionary’, a hypnotizing new music video by songbird Emilian Starz, with the latest station to unveil it being NBS Television.

We have since established that due to public demand, NBS TV officially unveiled ‘Dictionary’ on Tuesday this week during their popular evening show dubbed NBS After 5’, which airs  Monday to Friday.


By unveiling ‘Dictionary’ for its viewers, NBS TV, which is one of the leading TV stations in the country, goes a step further at making the world know that this video is nothing but a visual masterpiece!

However, it is important to note that whereas ‘Dictionary’ is now in rotation on various TV stations not only in Uganda but also in other countries around East Africa, the video is also being widely streamed on YouTube.

During the first 12 days of its premiere, ‘Dictionary’ boasts over 124K YouTube views and counting, which is a remarkable milestone for Emilian Starz.

But in case you haven’t watched the video on NBS TV or any other TV station, there is no need to worry, because you can still stream Dictionary on YouTube, anytime, anywhere!

All you have to do is tap the link above to enjoy the video instantly.




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