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‘Sijai Kuona’ Nelly The Goon Is Steaming Hot


By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan artist Nelly The Goon’s latest video dubbed ‘Sijai Kuona’ is not only saucy but also sweltering hot, leaving everyone who experiences it on fire!

A very powerful Gengetone tune, ‘Sijai Kuona’ is currently one of the popular jams characterizing the Kenyan party landscape, especially because it’s a song that augers well with the young generation.

In ‘Sijai Kuona’ Nelly The Goon has no kind words for people who, instead of being true to themselves, opt to live a fake life, pretending to be what they are not.

This studio project goes a step further in cementing the fact that Nelly The Goon never disappoints when it comes to showtime because he is ever ready to give the audience his best.

No wonder ‘Sijai Kuona’, which is his debut solo project, is being streamed by over 42K fans on YouTube and still counting because it’s such a pulsating tune!

Gifted with a unique musical touch, Nelly The Goon, a member of Kenyan group Ochungulo Family, has over time proved that every music project he sets out to work on instantly turns to gold!

Instead of a thousand words, why not stream the video on YouTube by tapping the link above?


Thee Exit Band Drop Infectious Beats In ‘Show Me’ ft. Fathermoh & Collo Blue




By Isaac Tugume

‘Show Me’, a new, hot music video by Thee Exit Band ft. Fathermoh and Collo Blue is a dope vibe that is fast becoming infectious on the Gengetone scene.

Now trending across Kenya and other parts of East Africa ‘Show Me’, which is also one of the jams causing a storm on TikTok, has since positioned Thee Exit Band as one of the Kenyan singing groups that ought to be watched closely by everyone.

For starters, it’s a jam that is not only interesting but also one that stirs dance fever in all those who encounter it and it’s because of this that the video has been streamed by over 163K fans on YouTube during the first few weeks of its release, yet this is just the start.

‘Show Me’, which is arguably one of their biggest studio projects ever, clearly showcases the Thee Exit Band’s amazing musical journey and ability to evolve in the industry over time.

It’s an all-time masterpiece that has since enabled Thee Exit Band to break through various barriers in the Kenyan music realm and one that spells a bright future for their music career.

Please click the link above to stream the ‘Show Me’ video on YouTube.



‘Sijai Kuona’ Video By Nelly The Goon Premieres On PPP TV



By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone artist Nelly  The Goon is already making huge steps with his debut music video dubbed ‘Sijai Kuona’, which has since been unleashed for viewers by Kenyan TV station PPP TV.


‘Sijai Kuona’, which is Nelly The Goon’s debut solo project, was unveiled on Tuesday on PPP TV’s famous show known as the DJ Mix, which features only the latest, hottest music videos from East Africa.

A song that is increasingly becoming popular among thousands of Kenyan music enthusiasts and keeping Nelly The Goon in the limelight, ‘Sijai Kuona’ is hitting everyone differently.

This is mainly because in this jam, Nelly The Goon, who is a member of Gengetone group Ochungulo Family, lashes out at people who live fake lives instead of being true to themselves.

It is because of the storm that Nelly The Goon raises in this jam for all pretenders and hypocrites that ‘Sijai Kuona’ is becoming some sort of street anthem in Kenya because the song resonates well with many of his fans.

Indeed, it’s not by accident or good luck that the video has been streamed by over 14K fans and counting on YouTube just two days after its release, because everyone who encounters ‘Sijai Kuona’ wants to have more and more of it.

If you haven’t got the chance to watch this video on PPP TV yet, then tap the link above to stream it on YouTube!

Nelly The Goon Strikes Again With ‘Kanashikia Wapi’




By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone artist Nelly The Goon, who has out a fresh video dubbed ‘Sijai Kuona’ has struck again, this time round by dropping a scorching banger dubbed ‘Kanashikia Wapi’, which is now available for streaming on YouTube and digital platforms.

‘Kanashikia Wapi’, which is Nelly The Goon’s sophomore studio project, continues to prove to all doubters in the industry that he is indeed here to cement his position as a solo artist.


In this particular jam, Nelly The Goon, who is a member of the singing group Ochungulo Family, is all about living life to the fullest and having fun with your buddies no matter the place, event, or time.

Believe it or not, ‘Kanashikia Wapi’ is a very ideal song to fire up your festive season, because the jam will give you every reason to go partying, whether you intend to or not.

With this Gengetone gem, Nelly The Goon makes it known to everyone that he is one of the most versatile, prolific, and talented artists that Kenya is privileged to have in our generation.

Simply tap the link to stream the audio on YouTube and you will appreciate what Nelly The Goon has to offer East Africa!


Nelly The Goon Shakes Gengetone Scene With ‘Sijai Kuona’ Video




By Isaac Tugume

The Gengetone arena is booming with a new music video dubbed ‘Sijai Kuona’ by Nelly The Goon, which is causing a stampede on the Kenyan party scene.

‘Sijai Kuona’, which is still hot and fresh, debuted on YouTube just yesterday but the commotion it’s already causing across Kenya indicates that Nelly The Goon has since joined the league of the movers and shakers in the realm of Gengetone music as a genre.

A member of the singing group Ochungulo Family, Nelly The Goon has since raised lots of dust with his decision to pursue a solo music career, and by the look of things, he is definitely on the right track.

This is because much as ‘Sijai Kuona’ is his debut solo studio project, the attention that it is garnering from all corners of Kenya points to one thing; that Nelly The Goon has what it takes to give other artists a run for their money.

With over 11K people streaming the video on YouTube just a day after its release, it’s increasingly becoming obvious that ‘Sijai Kuona’ is a massive banger that has since unveiled Nelly The Goon as a very enterprising  Kenyan artist who had always been underrated, until he decided to go full throttle!

And, by the way, with just a single click on the link above everyone can now stream ‘Sijai Kuona’ on YouTube.


Nelly The Goon Drops Explosive Video For Debut Single ‘Sijai Kuona’




By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone artist Nelly The Goon, a member of the Kenyan group Ochungulo Family, has released the official music video for his debut single dubbed ‘Sijai Kuona’, which is now available for streaming on YouTube.

With ‘Sijai Kuona’, a studio project that kickstarts Nelly The Goon’s solo career, he is not just out to thrill his fans with captivating beats but also to showcase his great music potential and ability to own his music game.

This Gengetone thriller is proof that all along Nelly The Goon hasn’t been hiding behind the veil of Ochungulo Family but that he can also do his thing independently, without riding on the group’s fame.

Born and raised in Nairobi, Langata, Nelly The Goon rose to fame after he started doing his thing Ochungulo Family, whereby they dropped some of the group’s biggest hit songs like; ‘Pandemik’ and ‘Kaa Na Mama Yako’, which thrust him into the limelight.

Over the years, Ochungulo Family has released several other songs together like; ‘Aluta’, ‘Muni DM’, ‘Wanjiku’, and others, thereby positioning themselves as one of the resounding Gengetone groups in Kenya.

However, although he is still part of Ochungulo Family, Nelly The Goon this year decided to fully venture into a solo music career, in a bid to take his music game to another level.

Besides ‘Sijai Kuona’, he is also working on an album that he is slated to release early next year although in the meantime, his fans can stream the video on YouTube by tapping the link above.