Nelly The Goon Shakes Gengetone Scene With ‘Sijai Kuona’ Video

By Isaac Tugume

The Gengetone arena is booming with a new music video dubbed ‘Sijai Kuona’ by Nelly The Goon, which is causing a stampede on the Kenyan party scene.

‘Sijai Kuona’, which is still hot and fresh, debuted on YouTube just yesterday but the commotion it’s already causing across Kenya indicates that Nelly The Goon has since joined the league of the movers and shakers in the realm of Gengetone music as a genre.

A member of the singing group Ochungulo Family, Nelly The Goon has since raised lots of dust with his decision to pursue a solo music career, and by the look of things, he is definitely on the right track.

This is because much as ‘Sijai Kuona’ is his debut solo studio project, the attention that it is garnering from all corners of Kenya points to one thing; that Nelly The Goon has what it takes to give other artists a run for their money.

With over 11K people streaming the video on YouTube just a day after its release, it’s increasingly becoming obvious that ‘Sijai Kuona’ is a massive banger that has since unveiled Nelly The Goon as a very enterprising  Kenyan artist who had always been underrated, until he decided to go full throttle!

And, by the way, with just a single click on the link above everyone can now stream ‘Sijai Kuona’ on YouTube.


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