‘Show Me’ By Thee Exit Band ft. Fathermoh & Collo Blue Is Breathtaking




By Isaac Tugume

Thee Exit, one of the popular singing groups in Kenya, has out a new video dubbed ‘Show Me’ featuring Fathermoh and Collo Blue, which is leaving thousands of their fans panting for breath every time they experience it because it’s a steamy dance excursion.

A reverberating party tune, ‘Show Me’ is a masterpiece that now has Thee Exit Band on almost everybody’s lips because the song dropped like a bombshell on the Kenyan music scene and is now spreading goodness everywhere.

‘Show Me’, which has already attracted over 142K YouTube views just seven days after its drop, is some sort of tribute that Thee Exit Band dedicates to all their fans in Kenya and other countries who love showing off their dance moves because that’s basically what the song is about; dancing and enjoying life.

It is the ideal song for anyone who intends to banish all forms of stress from their lives especially now during the festive season, which is a time for winding up and enjoying the last days of the year.

If you’re looking for a song to ignite that spark in your life this festive season, it is highly advised that you make ‘Show Me’ your best friend, because Thee Exit Band is ready to keep you company all the time.

Tap the link to stream ‘Show Me’ on YouTube now-now!







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