Emilian Starz Enters Realm Of Greatness With ‘Dictionary’ Video




By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan artist Emilian Starz is taking her music game to another level and anyone who doubts this hasn’t experienced her latest video dubbed ‘Dictionary’, which is leaving thousands of fans nodding in approval about her exceptional talent.

The visuals for ‘Dictionary’ speak volumes about the fact that Emilian Starz has since entered the realm of musical greatness because she has proved to have the potential to run this game.

Currently, ‘Dictionary’ is one of the Ugandan videos that are being widely streamed on YouTube, posting over 10K views daily, whereby during the first 8 days of its release, over 109K people have streamed it, yet this is just the start of a long journey.

This is because ‘Dictionary’, which is a concoction of passion, seduction, and sweet emotions, is a timeless, sensational love song that shall forever thrill everyone who listens to it, which explains the thousands of streams the video keeps attracting every day.

That goes without mentioning that ‘Dictionary’ is one of the videos dominating music charts on various TV stations across the country, because viewers just can’t get enough of it, no matter how many times it’s aired.

Click the link above to stream ‘Dictionary’ on YouTube to share the overflowing love that Emilian Starz has to share with the world!



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