‘Maama Wo’ By Daddy Andre Is Bombastic


By Isaac Tugume

Daddy Andre’s latest release dubbed ‘Maama Wo’ is taking over the airwaves in Uganda, because it the song that is booming on radio stations and streets across the country.

With ‘Maama Wo’, a song that thousands of Ugandan youths easily identify with, Daddy Andre has unveiled another platform to amplify his creativity when it comes to music because the jam is already reaching a broader audience than he might have anticipated.

With over 33K YouTube views and still counting ‘Maama Wo’ has since been branded a certified hit by many of Daddy Andre’s fans, because the song is not only so electrifying but also stands as a testament to his extraordinary artistic vision and musical evolution.

As he performs this track, Daddy Andre goes a step further by offering fans a captivating glimpse into his musical prowess and creative ingenuity, which solidifies his brand as one of Uganda’s ingenious artists.

In ‘Maama Wo’ Daddy Andre aimed to provide listeners with a unique auditory experience that transcends conventional boundaries, cultural barriers, and age groups, a move he perfectly pulled off!

With just a simple click on the link above, you can now stream the song on YouTube, just thousands of other people are already doing.

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