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Emilian Starz Set To Shake Ugandan Music Scene With ‘Dictionary’ Video

By Isaac Tugume

The Ugandan music scene is about to witness something new, clean, and fresh; this is nothing other than a sizzling video dubbed ‘Dictionary’, which is set to be unveiled this week by sensational vocalist Emilian Starz!

Credible information coming in from Studio Black Market 256 indicates that the video for ‘Dictionary’, which is a very tantalizing love ballad from Emilian Starz, is dropping on YouTube any time this week.

This dropping of the video will quench the burning thirst for thousands of Emilian Starz’s fans, who have been eagerly waiting for the unveiling of the visuals for this alluring jam, which melts the heart of everyone who encounters it.

‘Dictionary’, which is one of Emilian Starz’s greatest productions, is a jam that sparked off a wave of hysteria shortly after its release, especially because it resonates with almost everyone who is or has ever been in a relationship.

We all know that millions of women around the world fall in love with men who don’t understand them and cannot read their emotions or feelings, which usually leads to their relationships crumbling within no time; this is the exact issue that Emilian Starz seeks to tackle in ‘Dictionary’.

She thus reaches out to men, urging them to try as much as possible to study their women, so that they can be able to know what they want and when, because only then can they be able to satisfy their desires!

Watch this space for updates about the unveiling of the video for ‘Dictionary’ but don’t forget that the audio is available for streaming on YouTube; just tap the link above.




Daddy Andre Takes Ugandan Music To New Dimension With ‘Maama Wo’

By Isaac Tugume

Believe it or not, Daddy Andre is one of the biggest blessings that ever happened to the Ugandan music industry and with his latest single dubbed ‘Maama Wo’, he is arguably out to prove this!

This is because with ‘Maama Wo’ Daddy Andre brings about a whole new dimension to Ugandan music, dropping a tune that is already transcending beyond borders and cultures.

It is the dream of almost every man to get introduced by his sweetheart or girlfriend to her mother; this is the issue that Daddy Andre attempts to address in ‘Maama Wo’, which is a very palpitating Afropop banger!

Actually, with this latest release, Daddy Andre is already garnering widespread acclaim, especially because as he performs this tune, he takes it upon himself to call out his fans in several countries across the world, urging them to catch the vibe.

Thanks to his exceptional songwriting, amazing creativity, and captivating stage performance, Daddy Andre is pushing the envelope and leaving an indelible mark on the Ugandan music industry; anyone who doubts this should hit the link above to stream ‘Maama Wo’ on YouTube.




Unspoken Salaton Outs Fresh Joint ‘Hujawai Ona’

By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan rapper Unspoken Salaton has released a fresh video dubbed ‘Hujawai Ona’, which is a pulsating Gengetone tune that is bound to wrap up the year for him in style.

In ‘Hujawai Ona’, Unspoken Salaton is singing about his unique music style, exceptional creativity, and ability to always deliver music that his audience least expects.

In essence, Unspoken Salaton is out to prove in this song that he is not only on top of his game, but that he is also full of surprises that he is always ready to share with his fans in his bid to keep them entertained.

Known for his distinctive sound and powerful lyrics, Unspoken Salaton has over time successfully redefined boundaries and set new standards in the Kenyan music industry, which has set him apart from all other artists.

Positioning himself as one of Kenya’s most enterprising artists, Unspoken Salaton has, during the time he has been around as an entertainer, managed to set a platform through which to amplify his creative expression and reach a broader audience with his music.

Catch his latest vibe in ‘Hujawai Ona’ by tapping the link above to stream the video on YouTube instantly!






‘Share’ By Fathermoh, Harry Craze & Swat Matire Is So Lit

By Isaac Tugume

Fathermoh, who is arguably one of Kenya’s most illustrious artists, has dropped a new jam titled ‘Share’, which he kills together with his comrades on the mic, Harry Craze and Swat Matire.

‘Share’, which is one of the numerous studio projects that Fathermoh has released on the Kenyan music scene this year, is a complete Gengetone mash-up that is already thrilling thousands of his fans because it’s an adrenaline-raising banger!

In ‘Share’, Fathermoh drops a fun song in which he talks about homeboys partying and sharing babes; like you smash and thereafter pass on the babe’s number to another homeboy.

The catchy line in the song is; ‘Sharing is caring,’ hence, according to Fathermoh, it is highly advisable for guys to show how much they care about each other by sharing babes’ numbers with their buddies after smashing.

It is a pulsating jam that highly appeals to the youth, especially those using social media platforms like TikTok, Telegram, Snapchat, and others because it is where the sharing feature is commonly used.

As he performs ‘Share’, Fathermoh employs the use of tantalizing allegories and innuendos that make the song a very electrifying masterpiece which every Kenyan music enthusiast should check out; simply tap the link above to stream ‘Share’ on YouTube.




‘Hallelujah’ Star Nina Roz To Perform Live At Purple Party

By Isaac Tugume

Celebrated Ugandan female vocalist Nina Roz, who has out a captivating jam dubbed ‘Hallelujah’, is set to stage a thrilling live performance at this year’s Purple Party, which will be held at Resort Beach Entebbe, on December 17th, 2023.

Nina Roz will be performing ‘Hallellujah’, which features Pastor Wilson Bugembe, live at the Purple Party, together with a number of some of her greatest jams like ‘Billboard Kipande’, ‘Nangana’, ‘Fertilizer’, ‘Wangi’, among others.

The Purple Party, which is fired up by NBS TV, Club Beer, Coca-cola, and other companies, is a massive event on the Ugandan party calendar that is expected to attract thousands of fans from across the country, who will get an opportunity to party with Nina Roz and a host of other artists.

‘Hallelujah’, which is a song that triggers spiritual reflections for everyone who experiences it, is a musical composition that has enabled Nina Roz to win the hearts of over 297K people, who are streaming the video on YouTube, while others are consuming the divine message that Nina Roz delivers through this song at churches and in in their homes.

So, make sure to be a part of the much-anticipated Purple Party this year, so that you don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy merrymaking as you groove to inspirational music by Nina Roz.






 ‘Matime’ By Odi Wa Murang’a ft. Fathermoh & Joefes Is Highly Addictive

By Isaac Tugume

Thousands of Gengetone fans are reeling from the dopeness being stirred up by ‘Matime’, a pulsing jam by Odi Wa Murang’a featuring Fathermoh and Joefes, which debuted on YouTube recently.

A  track that has since taken everyone by surprise and is fast becoming addictive to everyone, including those who hear it for the first time, ‘Matime’ is the latest thriller on the Kenyan party landscape.

We all know that time is the scarcity and the commodity we can never make more of; that’s the point Odi Wa Murang’a endeavours to pass on to everyone who listens to ‘Matime’, because like they say, time waits for no man!

With ‘Matime’ Odi Wa Murang’a has since created a musical wave that is swaying thousands of fans to his side because this one isn’t your typical Gengetone song; it’s somewhat different from the rest of the other projects that you’ve listened to thus far from him.

A song that addresses the scarcity of time and why everyone should utilize it adequately, ‘Matime’ is something new and fresh; actually, something that we didn’t know that we needed but now that we have it, no one wants to get enough of it!

Don’t be left behind; make it a point to tap the link above to stream ‘Matime’ on YouTube immediately.

Iphoolish Ignites Fire With ‘Naskwambii Pole’ ft.  Fathermoh & Harry Craze

By Isaac Tugume


‘Naskwambiii Pole’, a blistering banger by Iphoolish featuring Fathermoh and Harry Craze, is causing mayhem on the Gengetone scene, after becoming one of the dominant party anthems in Kenya lately.

With tens of thousands of fans streaming the video on YouTube, while others are blasting the jam away in nightclubs and bars,   Iphoolish has literally owned the Gengentone sound and continues to prove to everyone that he is a musical force to reckon with.

A very thrilling party tune, ‘Naskwambii Pole’ is a jam in which Iphoolish sends out a very clear message to his fans; do your thing and do it unapologetically, without being discouraged by criticism.

It is a jam for the strong-willed and the brave; the kind of people who care less about what others say or think about them, because they are here to live their lives without fear or favour to anyone!

As he performs this banger, Iphoolish goes out of his way to prove without reasonable doubt that he is here to stay, and not only that but to also dominate the Gengetone realm and be considered one of the best acts to ever pick up the mic.

Make sure you tap the link above to stream ‘Naskwambii Pole’ on YouTube right now!



Rico Gang Shake Up Kenyan Music Scene With Fresh Video ‘Mpoa’

By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone group Rico Gang has unleashed a sizzling video for their latest banger dubbed ‘Mpoa’, which has debuted on YouTube today, sending tremors throughout the music scene in Kenya.

Directed by ace Kenyan videographer Dantey, ‘Mpoa’ is the ultimate Gengetone rebirth that has since catapulted Rico Gang back to the limelight,  because whereas the audio is highly pulsating, the visuals are so killer!

‘Mpoa’ is a very lively party song, in which Rico Gang wants everyone to feel nice and enjoy merrymaking as and when they can because you can never know what tomorrow will bring.

We all know that partying is the easiest way we can let go of our inhibitions and enjoy time with friends and family; that’s exactly what Rico Gang sings about in ‘Mpoa’, ensuring that everyone lives a life that’s free of depression and stress.

Performed with tantalizing choreography moves and captivating scenes shot at alluring locations, the ‘Mpoa’ visuals definitely blow away everyone’s mind and ignite party moods for whoever experiences the video.

With this studio project, Rico Gang is out to let everyone know that they are back in the music game like never before and that this time round they return with a very loud bang!

Stream the ‘Mpoa’ video on YouTube when it’s still steaming hot; just tap the link above!


Junior Gentle & Teslah Arouse Sweet Emotions With ‘Talk To Me’

By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan artist Junior Gentle teams up with Kenyan vocal goddess Teslah on a passionate duet dubbed ‘Talk To Me’, which is so emotional-arousing that it’s melting hearts everywhere.

Junior Gentle and Teslah are here to remind their audience through this track that just as plants need water and sunlight to grow, love needs constant communication and interaction between lovers for it to flourish.

The message they are sending out to the world through ‘Talk To Me’ is that if passion is the spark that starts the fire of a relationship, good communication is the fuel that keeps it burning, hence lovers ought to talk to each other more often than they might think is necessary.

A very powerful love song, ‘Talk To Me’ is the kind of jam you should listen to with your special someone, especially because it stirs euphoria for anyone who listens to it.

Readily available for streaming on YouTube and digital platforms, ‘Talk To Me’ clinches a complete Uganda-Kenya affair, forging a musical union between the two countries, thanks to the chemistry between Junior Gentle and Teslah.

The good news is that everyone can stream this sweet jam on YouTube by tapping the link above.



Rico Gang To Bombard Kenya With Visuals For Their Hot Single ‘Mpoa’

By Isaac Tugume


Gengetone group Rico Gang are set to unveil a palpitating video for their new single dubbed ‘Mpoa’, which is dropping on YouTube any time from now.

Actually, as you read this, the countdown for the debut of the ‘Mpoa’ video has already kicked off, because reliable sources at Studio Black Market in Kenya reveal that it is just a matter of hours remaining before it’s officially released.

The time of release notwithstanding, news of this pending video has sparked great excitement among millions of Rico Gang fans, many of whom cannot wait for the visuals to drop, because they know exactly what Rico Gang are capable of.

Their song ‘Mpoa’, which was released a few days ago, is all about having fun with friends and spreading positive vibes everywhere, with the intent to banish stress from everyone’s lives.

Thousands of Rico Gang fans are already vibing to the audio, which they are streaming on YouTube and digital platforms but with the coming of the video, we are sure they will have even more reasons to enjoy ‘Mpoa’.

Click the link above to check out the pending premiere on YouTube so that you can be among the first fans to stream the video the moment it debuts!