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 Nande Boyz Preach Love & Faithfulness With ‘Loyal’

By Isaac Tugume

‘Loyal’, a passionate ballad by Congolese singing duo Nande Boyz, is all about love, romance, and faithfulness, which are very vital pillars for any relationship.

It is a universally acknowledged fact that when partners fail to be ‘Loyal’ or faithful to each other, chances are high that strife will arise between them; it is upon this background that the Nande Boyz set out to compose and release ‘Loyal’.

Their intention is not just to entertain their fans, but they also aim to advocate for faithfulness among couples, because this usually results in harmony and peace in people’s homes.

The song sends out a very powerful message to the youth, especially those in relationships, calling upon them to change the way they behave, because they are bound to suffer lots of problems if they fail to be ‘Loyal’ to their partners.

Nande Boyz have over time positioned themselves as artists who release music that revolves around the things that affect people’s lives; with ‘Loyal’ they literally hit the nail on the head, because this jam, which has tens of thousands of people streaming the video on YouTube, while others enjoy it on digital platforms, is so on point!

Every lover in the house who hopes to have a fruitful relationship should tap the link above to stream ‘Loyal’ on YouTube



Nina Roz Invokes God’s Blessings With ‘Hallelujah’ ft. Pr. Bugembe

By Isaac Tugume

‘Hallelujah’, a song by celebrated Ugandan diva Nina Roz featuring Pastor Wilson Bugembe, is turning out to be a powerful invocation of God’s blessings upon Christians in Uganda and elsewhere.

As she performs this song, Nina Roz declares that the sick shall recover, the homeless shall get housed, the childless share bear children and everyone who prays shall have their prayers answered by God.

This is a powerful declaration that everyone wants to see happen in their lives, reason why thousands of Christians are paying attention to ‘Hallelujah’ by streaming the video on YouTube, requesting for it be played on their favourite TV channel, while others are fervently listening to the audio on their FM radios.

Almost everyone who experiences ‘Hallelujah’ has a testimony to give and although their testimonies keep endlessly flowing in, here are some of those coming in via YouTube;

@ashleymontanaug6353: “Finally my soul has got its food thanks @Ninarozofficial and Man of God @PastorWilson Bugembe for this masterpiece”

@user-yc4sp3fu1d: “This song is very nice, and I am going to be very well in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah”

user-wv3uf9to5m: “I receive the miracle in the name of the almighty God”


@nakimbugwemarjorine1172: “I’m thankful to you the most high God for each and every blessing you have always given me and those you’re about to bring. May His name be glorified.”


@phionakajumba167: “Thank you God for all that you have done for me, thank you for being there for me and my family Amen.”


The comments above and many others are coming from the over 281K fans that are streaming ‘Hallelujah’ on YouTube, which cements the fact that Nina Roz’s spiritual message is spreading far and wide.

You too can have your share of God’s miracles if you tap the link above to stream ‘Hallelujah’ on YouTube.




 ‘Mother In Law’: A Showcase Of Lyrical Maturity By Joefes

By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan Gengetone artist Joefes is out to showcase his lyrical maturity with ‘Mother In Law’, a pulsating collabo featuring Kushaman, which is already posting tens of thousands of YouTube views.

Although he has always been known to produce music that is mainly about flossing, partying with babes, and getting high, which majorly appeal to the youth, in ‘Mother In Law’ Joefes goes out of his way to address the issue of mothers who break up their daughters’ marriages by seducing their husbands.

The subject that he addresses in this song concerns almost everyone, not only in Kenya but everywhere else in the world because this is a scenario that can happen in real life.

The storyline that Joefes chose in this song is so captivating that it compels everyone who comes across the jam to pay extra attention to what the artist is saying, which explains the huge number of fans that have since taken to streaming the video.

Dropped just two weeks ago, the ‘Mother In Law’ video has already zoomed over 103K YouTube views, indicating that the song struck a common nerve among several Kenyan music enthusiasts, who are streaming it in large numbers.

Everyone should tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube because you never know what the intentions of your ‘Mother In Law’ might be!



‘Men Can Lie’ By Vic West, Teslah, Brandy Maina & Ssaru Takes TikTok By Storm

By Isaac Tugume

Guys, have you heard of that popular phrase ‘Fear women?’, Well, this time round you should fear men, because according to  Vic West, Teslah, Sylvia Ssaru, and Brandy Maina, ‘Men Can Lie’!

The lies men tell women are so many, but according to this jam, some of them include enticing them for beer, dinner, and other niceties, telling them how they love them so much, to mention but a few.

This revelation about the lies that men tell women continues to attract thousands of people to listen to ‘Men Can Lie’, while several others are flooding TikTok with videos of them vibing to this jam.

The rate at which ‘Men Can Lie’ is taking TikTok by storm, coupled with the massive streaming the song is attracting from various parts of Kenya point to one thing; the track is already a smash hit that appeals to hordes of people, more especially women and girls in relationships.

Much as the song cuts across different audiences, everyone can already tell that ‘Men Can Lie’ has been tailored for people of all age groups, because men of all ages tell lies to women of all ages, although the younger ones are more prone to falling prey.

‘Men Can Lie’ is available for streaming on YouTube and all you have to do is tap the link above, but you can also check out some of the thrilling TikTok videos of fans vibing to this tune.

‘Drop’ By Unspoken Salaton, Legion East & Teslah Is Hotter Than Fire

By Isaac Tugume


By Isaac Tugume

East Africa is burning hot with ‘Drop’, a very explosive dancehall jam by Ugandan musician Legion East, who mashes it up with Unspoken Salaton and Teslah from Kenya.

A very incredible party tune, ‘Drop’ is turning out to be hotter than fire and magma combined, burning with dopeness through everyone who experiences it!

‘Drop’ is a very electrifying club banger that was motivated by good vibes and created with one intention; to give people every reason to party until they drop.

We all know just how short life is and that much as we have a lot of things to do, we shall never accomplish everything during our lifetime; however, we also know that a life lived without partying is a wasted one, reason why everyone should party till they ‘Drop’, at least once in a while.

Actually, this is the kind of song that everyone ought to vibe to before they die, and whoever doubts this should tap the link above to stream ‘Drop’ on YouTube now, because this vibe is irresistible!

Lyric Video: ‘Bad Man Do’ By Johnny Benzx ft. Emilian Starz & LBK Nandeboy Out On YouTube

By Isaac Tugume


The official lyric video for ‘Bad Man Do’, a volatile jam by Nigerian musician Johnny Benzx, featuring Ugandan songstress Emilian Starz and Congolese artist LBK Nandeboy is now available on YouTube.

If you are among the thousands of fans who are already hooked to ‘Bad Man Do’ you will love the lyric video even better because now everyone can sing along to the lines of this palpitating jam.

A Nigeria-Uganda-Congo callabo, ‘Bad Man Do’ sees Johnny Benzx drop a thrilling banger that is already changing tables on the African music landscape, with several people falling in love with the tune.

Performed with a fusion of urban Afropop and Afropiano beats, ‘Bad Man Do’ is the song that makes everyone’s blood hit boiling point every time the DJ plays it because it sparks off mad vibes!

This being his second single, ‘Bad Man Do’ is proof that having stormed the African music scene, Johnny Benzx is now ready to take his audience on a rollercoaster of dope jams, and with this kind of music, he will definitely win the hearts of tens of thousands, if not millions of fans.

You can stream the ‘Bad Man Do’ lyric video on YouTube by tapping the link above.