Rico Gang To Bombard Kenya With Visuals For Their Hot Single ‘Mpoa’




By Isaac Tugume


Gengetone group Rico Gang are set to unveil a palpitating video for their new single dubbed ‘Mpoa’, which is dropping on YouTube any time from now.

Actually, as you read this, the countdown for the debut of the ‘Mpoa’ video has already kicked off, because reliable sources at Studio Black Market in Kenya reveal that it is just a matter of hours remaining before it’s officially released.

The time of release notwithstanding, news of this pending video has sparked great excitement among millions of Rico Gang fans, many of whom cannot wait for the visuals to drop, because they know exactly what Rico Gang are capable of.

Their song ‘Mpoa’, which was released a few days ago, is all about having fun with friends and spreading positive vibes everywhere, with the intent to banish stress from everyone’s lives.

Thousands of Rico Gang fans are already vibing to the audio, which they are streaming on YouTube and digital platforms but with the coming of the video, we are sure they will have even more reasons to enjoy ‘Mpoa’.

Click the link above to check out the pending premiere on YouTube so that you can be among the first fans to stream the video the moment it debuts!




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