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 Mbuzi Gang Return With New Explosive Banger ‘Sekete’



By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone kingpins Mbuzi Gang are back with a fresh, explosive jam dubbed ‘Sekete’, which will shake the East African when it drops.

Dropping on YouTube and digital platforms any day from now, ‘Sekete’ is a musical flavour that Mbuzi Gang have yet to serve to their fans and the song’s visuals will blow everyone away!

If you are the kind of person who enjoys pulsating Gengetone vibes then ‘Sekete’ is the thing for you, because Mbuzi Gang created this jam with one mission; to leave a lasting impression on everyone who experiences it.

In ‘Sekete’, the Mbuzi Gang return to the Kenyan music scene in full blast, and the flames of fire they are set to cause with this banger will take decades to quench because it’s an all-time classic.

The promo visuals that are doing rounds on Instagram and other social media platforms already indicate that ‘Sekete’ is bound to blow up the party scene in Kenya and other Swahili-speaking nations across East Africa, because it’s so killer!

Look out for updates on when ‘Sekete’ is dropping from GengetoneRadio.com, but you can click the above to check the promo clips for the song.



‘Miondoko’ By Rico Gang ft Mbuzi Gang Hits 7M YouTube Views


By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan group Rico Gang continues to rock the music scene with their massive banger ‘Miondoko’ featuring Mbuzi Gang, which now boasts over 7M YouTube views and still counting.

A jam that went viral on TikTok and all social media platforms shortly after its release, ‘Miondoko’ has proved to everyone that it’s an all-time classic that’s not about to lose steam.

As a studio project, ‘Miondoko’ is a tune that not only thrills Gengetone fans as a joyous club banger but the song has also done much at keeping Rico Gang in the limelight, especially because it’s arguably one of their biggest projects ever.

‘Miondoko’ ranks high among the songs that have been dominating the party landscape in Kenya ever since it debuted last year and according to the latest developments, that’s not about to change.

This is because millions of Gengetone fans continue to showcase their undying love for the jam by endlessly streaming it on YouTube, which explains the endless growth in the number of views.

It’s therefore apt to assert that Rico Gang hit gold with ‘Miondoko’ and because of this, let’s all hit the link above to stream the video on YouTube too!


Fresh Tune ‘Mpoa’ By Rico Gang Is Thunderous



By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan group Rico Gang is currently on form with their latest tune dubbed ‘Mpoa’, which has thousands of Gengetone across the country fans vibing to the jam.

‘Mpoa’, a tune that unleashes a fresh feel of the Gengetone groove, has Rico Gang on the minds of several Kenyan music fanatics because it’s a banger that makes everyone pay attention to the beat the moment it starts playing.

But that’s not all; ‘Mpoa’ is also a pulsating tune with the potential to cause a rampage on the dancehall every time it’s played and because of this, several DJs in nightclubs and bars across Kenya have it included on their must-play lists.

Actually, with this powerful studio project, Rico Gang is already swaying the attention of thousands of Kenyans to their side; of course that goes without mentioning that the video is being streamed by over 36K fans and still counting on YouTube!

Rico Gang is an abbreviation for Realest Illest Coolest Outta Town Gang. This is a crew that consists of HarryCraze (Harry Adoyo) and Triand (Wilson Raburu) who are based in Nairobi, Kenya. Their music is all about what affects the society of the new generation and its involvement.

Please tap the link above to stream the group’s video ‘Mpoa’ on YouTube now.


Rico Gang Returns With Full Force In ‘Mpoa’ Video




By Isaac Tugume


Gengetone group Rico Gang is not about to cease the fire they ignited when they joined the music  industry and their latest release, a video dubbed ‘Mpoa’ is here to prove this to their fans in Kenya and other parts of the world.

Known by thousands of their fans as the only musical group in Kenya that never disappoints, Rico Gang dropped a massive thriller in ‘Mpoa’, reason why the video is being streamed by over 35K fans and still counting on YouTube.

‘Mpoa’ is one of few songs that make everyone who listens to it appreciate the rich music talent that Rico Gang unleashes onto the Kenyan music scene every time they set out to work on any studio project.

With this particular jam, Rico Gang winds up the year in a unique style because they leave their fans with a pulsating tune that will keep them entertained for a long time to come.

‘Mpoa’, which is trending in various nightclubs and bars across Kenya, is likely to be Rico Gang’s next biggest release after their runaway hit dubbed ‘Miondoko’, which boasts over 6.6M YouTube views and still counting.

Don’t wait for anyone else to tell you all about this jam yet you can stream the video on YouTube by tapping the link above.



Rico Gang Shake Up Kenyan Music Scene With Fresh Video ‘Mpoa’




By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone group Rico Gang has unleashed a sizzling video for their latest banger dubbed ‘Mpoa’, which has debuted on YouTube today, sending tremors throughout the music scene in Kenya.

Directed by ace Kenyan videographer Dantey, ‘Mpoa’ is the ultimate Gengetone rebirth that has since catapulted Rico Gang back to the limelight,  because whereas the audio is highly pulsating, the visuals are so killer!

‘Mpoa’ is a very lively party song, in which Rico Gang wants everyone to feel nice and enjoy merrymaking as and when they can because you can never know what tomorrow will bring.

We all know that partying is the easiest way we can let go of our inhibitions and enjoy time with friends and family; that’s exactly what Rico Gang sings about in ‘Mpoa’, ensuring that everyone lives a life that’s free of depression and stress.

Performed with tantalizing choreography moves and captivating scenes shot at alluring locations, the ‘Mpoa’ visuals definitely blow away everyone’s mind and ignite party moods for whoever experiences the video.

With this studio project, Rico Gang is out to let everyone know that they are back in the music game like never before and that this time round they return with a very loud bang!

Stream the ‘Mpoa’ video on YouTube when it’s still steaming hot; just tap the link above!


Rico Gang To Bombard Kenya With Visuals For Their Hot Single ‘Mpoa’




By Isaac Tugume


Gengetone group Rico Gang are set to unveil a palpitating video for their new single dubbed ‘Mpoa’, which is dropping on YouTube any time from now.

Actually, as you read this, the countdown for the debut of the ‘Mpoa’ video has already kicked off, because reliable sources at Studio Black Market in Kenya reveal that it is just a matter of hours remaining before it’s officially released.

The time of release notwithstanding, news of this pending video has sparked great excitement among millions of Rico Gang fans, many of whom cannot wait for the visuals to drop, because they know exactly what Rico Gang are capable of.

Their song ‘Mpoa’, which was released a few days ago, is all about having fun with friends and spreading positive vibes everywhere, with the intent to banish stress from everyone’s lives.

Thousands of Rico Gang fans are already vibing to the audio, which they are streaming on YouTube and digital platforms but with the coming of the video, we are sure they will have even more reasons to enjoy ‘Mpoa’.

Click the link above to check out the pending premiere on YouTube so that you can be among the first fans to stream the video the moment it debuts!