‘Nwanilaako’ By Nina Roz Proves She Never Disappoints


By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan female artist Nina Roz, who has a new studio project titled ‘Nwanilaako’, is out to prove to her fans that she can never disappoint the audience when it comes to rocking them with dope music.

Now trending on airwaves throughout the country, ‘Nwanilaako’, which is a timeless thriller, is currently a street anthem in Kampala because it’s a song that thousands of people, especially those who are in relationships, easily identify with.

Through ‘Nwanilaako’ Nina Roz not only drops a jam with great vibes and beats but also wants men to know that they have to spare some time to understand what their women go through in their endeavours to save relationships from crumbling.

This means that much as she is here to entertain her fans by performing this song, Nina Roz also roots for stability in relationships by urging them to always be there for their men through both good and tough times.

Fortunately, Ugandans are responding to what Nina Roz is saying, reason why the song boasts over 55K YouTube views so far and still counting.

You too can stream the video on YouTube by just clicking the link above.


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