‘Nwanilaako’ By Nina Roz Is A Big Turn-on



By Isaac Tugume

If you are in for music that offers you the best company as you enjoy quality time with your special someone then ‘Nwanilaako’, a sweet melody by Nina Roz, is ideal for you!

A song that is idyllic for those special, cozy moments between couples, ‘Nwanilaako’ is so sensuous and a perfect inducement for seduction, which explains the tens of thousands of fans getting addicted to this jam.

Being the kind of song that instantly ignites the fires of passion for listeners, ‘Nwanilaako’ has since become the latest anthem among lovers, being resounded in bedrooms, nightclubs, bars, hotels, and other places where lovebirds meet.

Known for her compelling performances, Nina Roz already has over 90K fans streaming ‘Nwanilaako’ on YouTube, because it’s a jam that perfectly resonates with her audience in profound ways.

She goes a step further at letting the world know that the Ugandan music landscape is rich in seasoned and exceptionally creative artists like her, who are always ready to offer the market different varieties of musical experiences!

Without saying much, we invite you to stream ‘Nwanilaako’ on YouTube to get a personal experience of this jam; tap the link above.

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