‘Nwanilaako’ By Nina Roz Gains Momentum On TikTok


By Isaac Tugume

Nina Roz, one of Uganda’s leading female musicians, has TikTok buzzing with her forthcoming new song titled ‘Nwanilaako’, which is dropping on YouTube and digital platforms this Friday.

Nina Roz’s fans from across the country are flooding TikTok with videos of them vibing to ‘Nwanilaako’, an indication that the song is already gaining traction among Ugandan music enthusiasts in several corners of the country.

The great anticipation that the pending release of ‘Nwanilako’ has stirred among Nina Roz’s fans is enough to let everyone know that they are anxiously waiting for the song to drop.

In ‘Nwanilaako’ Nina Roz is out to let men know that they should invest time, compassion, and effort in a relationship, instead of letting the woman bear the burden of keeping the fires of passion burning alone.

The song takes the storyline of a woman who is yearning for her man to not only show her love, care, and tenderness but also to be able to put up a fight for her whenever it’s necessary.

The countdown till the drop of the song on Friday has already started so until then, sit tight and wait for the big surprise from Nina Roz! But you can tap the links to check out some of the ‘Nwanilaako’ challenge videos on YouTube.

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