‘Men Can Lie’ Star Teslah Joins Anti-Femicide Protest In Kenya



By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan songbird Teslah, who is one of the faces behind ‘Men Can Lie’, a pulsating video she performed with Vic West, Brandy Maina, and Sylvia Ssaru, has come out to join activists protesting the wave of the brutal murders of women in Kenya.

The protests held this week were prompted by the increasing number of women being butchered and mutilated by unknown assailants in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya in the past few days, who first lure them with money.

Teslah and other activists called upon the government of Kenya and the security organs to do everything possible so that the wave of brutal murders is ended and all culprits brought to book.

It should be noted that since most of the suspects in these murders are men who usually first deceive the women before murdering them, the song ‘Men Can Lie’ is so timely, because Teslah and the other artists aim at exposing the lies men tell women before hurting them.

It is because the song resonates well with several people and the current situation in Kenya that the ‘Men Can Lie’ video is being widely streamed on YouTube, whereby it now boasts over 271K views and counting.

Folks, say no to femicide wherever you are but don’t forget to tap the link above to stream ‘Men Can Lie’ on YouTube!


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