Iphoolish Ignites Fire With ‘Naskwambii Pole’ ft.  Fathermoh & Harry Craze




By Isaac Tugume


‘Naskwambiii Pole’, a blistering banger by Iphoolish featuring Fathermoh and Harry Craze, is causing mayhem on the Gengetone scene, after becoming one of the dominant party anthems in Kenya lately.

With tens of thousands of fans streaming the video on YouTube, while others are blasting the jam away in nightclubs and bars,   Iphoolish has literally owned the Gengentone sound and continues to prove to everyone that he is a musical force to reckon with.

A very thrilling party tune, ‘Naskwambii Pole’ is a jam in which Iphoolish sends out a very clear message to his fans; do your thing and do it unapologetically, without being discouraged by criticism.

It is a jam for the strong-willed and the brave; the kind of people who care less about what others say or think about them, because they are here to live their lives without fear or favour to anyone!

As he performs this banger, Iphoolish goes out of his way to prove without reasonable doubt that he is here to stay, and not only that but to also dominate the Gengetone realm and be considered one of the best acts to ever pick up the mic.

Make sure you tap the link above to stream ‘Naskwambii Pole’ on YouTube right now!



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