Emilian Starz Ushers Ugandans Into New Year With ‘Dictionary’



By Isaac Tugume

Diva Emilian Starz’s latest tune dubbed ‘Dictionary’, which already has a video out on YouTube, is one of the jams that Ugandans at various hangouts within the country grooved to as they ushered in the New Year.

Currently one of the jams dominating the Ugandan party scene, ‘Dictionary’ is a catchy melody that continues to thrill thousands of Emilian Starz’s fans, thanks to her sugary voice, which makes her sound sweet to the ears of every listener.

A studio project that she released in December, ‘Dictionary’, which has been streamed by over 158K fans on YouTube so far and still counting, is bound to keep Emilian Starz fans smiling for a long time whenever they hear it.

With ‘Dictionary’, Emilian Starz not only invited herself to the table of stardom but also went a step further in taking Ugandan music to the rest of the world, because it’s such a timeless love piece that appeals to every Afrobeat enthusiast.

Therefore, if you haven’t experienced ‘Dictionary’ on your favourite TV Channel yet, the best thing to do right now is to tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube, because it’s the kind of jam that should be on everyone’s must-play list in 2024!





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