Emilian Starz Unveils Video For Sizzling Jam ‘Dictionary’



By Isaac Tugume

The Ugandan music scene is buzzing with a new sensational music video dubbed ‘Dictionary’, a thrilling production by Emilian Starz, one of the country’s talented female vocalists.

The ‘Dictionary’ video debuted today on YouTube and is already sending shockwaves everywhere, as fans from various parts of the country embrace it through massive streaming.

‘Dictionary’ is a sweet, sensational song, in which Emilian Starz wants men to know that they must at all times study the ways and emotions of their women if they want to become the ‘Perfect Gentlemen’ for them!

A testimony that emanates from the depths of a woman’s heart, ‘Dictionary’ is a reminder to every man that it is vital for him to have the right answers for the questions that his woman may ask him about love, because if he fails to answer the question, then she will look for another man who can be her ‘Love dictionary’.

Wrapped in allegory and metaphors, yet delivered with lots of emotion and sensitivity, ‘Dictionary’ is some kind of tip-off from Emilian Starz to every man, giving them hints about how to love a woman and make sure she will never stray!

Guys, let’s all tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube, because Emilian Starz is here to share a very important message with us.







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