Emilian Starz Ignites Intense Passion In ‘Dictionary’ Video



By Isaac Tugume

Songbird Emilian Starz, who is one of Uganda’s illustrious female musicians, is exuding powerful seduction and passion in her newly unveiled video dubbed ‘Dictionary’, which dropped on YouTube two days ago.

A showcase of her compelling musical might, ‘Dictionary’, which is being streamed by over 34.7K fans on YouTube during the first two days of its debut, is already stamping the brand Emilian Starz in the minds of thousands of Ugandans.

Indeed, it’s not by good luck or mistake that the video has since started doing rounds on various TV stations across the country, because ‘Dictionary’ deserves to be on the must-play list of every music selector who knows what they are doing perfectly well.

The ‘Dictionary’ video has a sensational vibe that everyone who watches it remains in utter awe because all the scenes in this visual masterpiece are not only captivating but also very alluring.

It is the kind of video that you can’t afford to miss streaming without giving it a replay, reason why ‘Dictionary’ is already trending on the Ugandan party scene, being played in various nightclubs and bars around the country.

This video is now a remarkable body of work and stands as a testament to Emilian Starz’s evolution as an artist, plus her ability to push Uganda’s music to the next level.

Go stream the video on YouTube by tapping the link above in case you haven’t checked it out yet!









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