‘Dictionary’ By Emilian Starz Will Make You Wanna Fall In Love



By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan songbird Emilian Starz has out a captivating video for her sensational love ballad dubbed ‘Dictionary’, which is making everyone who is not in a relationship want to fall in love.

A song that sparks lots of passion and sweet emotions for everyone who experiences it, ‘Dictionary’ is leaving thousands of people feeling so lonely and in want of some intimate company, because Emilian Starz delivers it in a manner that triggers intense euphoria and hysteria.

Emilian Starz erupts a powerful desire in every woman to have a man she loves in their life; that someone she can confidently call her ‘Love dictionary’ because he is the only one she refers to whenever she has any questions to ask about love.

This is because the best way a woman can enjoy a relationship is if she hooks up with a man who is not only compatible with her wants and desires, feelings and emotions but is also in sync with them.

The thousands of fans who are streaming the ‘Dictionary’ video just a few hours after its release manifests the impact that Emilian Starz is making in the lives of several people who are finding lots of meaning in this song.

By the way, don’t feel shy, whether you’re in love or not, just tap the link  above to stream the video on YouTube and you won’t remain the same.


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