Unspoken Salaton Outs Fresh Joint ‘Hujawai Ona’




By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan rapper Unspoken Salaton has released a fresh video dubbed ‘Hujawai Ona’, which is a pulsating Gengetone tune that is bound to wrap up the year for him in style.

In ‘Hujawai Ona’, Unspoken Salaton is singing about his unique music style, exceptional creativity, and ability to always deliver music that his audience least expects.

In essence, Unspoken Salaton is out to prove in this song that he is not only on top of his game, but that he is also full of surprises that he is always ready to share with his fans in his bid to keep them entertained.

Known for his distinctive sound and powerful lyrics, Unspoken Salaton has over time successfully redefined boundaries and set new standards in the Kenyan music industry, which has set him apart from all other artists.

Positioning himself as one of Kenya’s most enterprising artists, Unspoken Salaton has, during the time he has been around as an entertainer, managed to set a platform through which to amplify his creative expression and reach a broader audience with his music.

Catch his latest vibe in ‘Hujawai Ona’ by tapping the link above to stream the video on YouTube instantly!






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