Songbird Neliah Clinches Massive Comeback With ‘Bonjour’


By Isaac Tugume

Gifted Ugandan female artist Neliah is on a mission to revamp her music career and has kicked off this quest with a spicy new jam dubbed ‘Bonjour’, which is already causing raptures on airwaves across Uganda!

Fresh and steaming hot on the music scene, ‘Bonjour’ is an enthralling jam that stirs intense euphoria in listeners, inducing in everyone the burning desire of wanting to be with their loved ones.

A scintillating party tune, ‘Bonjour’ is a blend of urban Afrobeats with an electrifying rhythm that impacts a very irresistible magnetic force on listeners, making the track so lovable.

With ‘Bonjour’ Neliah is out to alert her fans that she’s back like she never left, and that she has returned with a very loud bang, which is why several people are already streaming the jam on YouTube and digital platforms.

A very spirited and dynamic performer, Neliah brings about new flavour and energetic flair for her audience in ‘Bonjour’, further cementing her ambition of getting to the top of the Ugandan music game.

So guys, in case you haven’t checked out ‘Bonjour’ yet, the jam is a click away, just tap the link above to feel it on YouTube.



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