Nelly The Goon Makes Lasting Impression On Gengetone Scene With ‘Sijai Kuona’

By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan artist Nelly The Goon is leaving a lasting impact on the Gengetone scene with his fresh banger ‘Sijai Kuona’, which is his debut solo project.

Although still a member of the singing group Ochungulo Family, Nelly The Goon decided to take the Kenyan music arena by storm with ‘Sijai Kuona’, a massive jam that has since brought him to the attention of a huge audience that includes both fans and music analysts.

With ‘Sijai Kuona’, which is being streamed by over 29K people on YouTube and still counting, Nelly The Goon already has thousands of people asking if he will fire and the momentum he has sparked, because he is becoming too hot to handle!

Through this song Nelly The Goon sends out a very clear message to everyone; that he is not here just to sing like other artists do, but to also conquer and get on top of the Gengetone game.

Whether or not that will happen is just a matter of time, although for now, Nelly The Goon has already proved to possess the potential to fulfill his dream.

However, until then, all we can do is now to stream his video ‘Sijai Kuona’ on YouTube by tapping the link above.



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