‘Men Can Lie’ Video By Vic West, Brandy Maina, Teslah & Ssaru Is Too Much Goodness




By Isaac Tugume

Vic West’s latest production dubbed ‘Men Can Lie’, which he performs with Brandy Maina, Teslah, and Sylvia Ssaru, is a typical case of having too much goodness packaged in one song!

Currently one of the jams trending on the Kenyan party scene, ‘Men Can Lie’ is a visual masterpiece that’s so off the hook, because every scene in the video is on point, and every action was created to emphasize the theme of the song.

A very powerful jam that addresses the tricks men use to lure women through telling them sweet lies, ‘Men Can Lie’ is a song for all generations and it’s a tune that’s taking Kenyan music to the rest of the world.

It is not by coincidence or good luck therefore that the video boasts over 107K YouTube views and counting just two days after its release; this just proves that ‘Men Can Lie’ is now a certified banger not only in Kenya but also in other countries, where people are streaming the video in their thousands.

Catch the vibe with Vic West and team in ‘Men Can Lie’  as you stream the video on YouTube; simply tap the above!


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