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‘Men Can Lie’ Singer Vic West Celebrates Over 20.5M Boomplay Streams – Gengetone Radio

‘Men Can Lie’ Singer Vic West Celebrates Over 20.5M Boomplay Streams





By Isaac Tugume

They say credit deserves where it’s due and this time round Kenyan producer cum artist Vic West, the brain behind the sizzling tune ‘Men Can Lie’, deserves the props for hitting over 20.5M streams on Boomplay.

But that’s not all; the whooping 20.5M streams come with over 1.6M followers from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, meaning that Vic West is one of the music kingpins in East Africa.

Well, we cannot agree any more or less about this, because his latest jam ‘Men Can Lie’, which features Sylvia Ssaru, Brandy Maina, and Teslah, is already being streamed by over 88K fans on YouTube, an indication that Vic West commands a huge following.

With ‘Men Can Lie’, which is already a super-hit, Vic West attempts to mirror the inside of a woman’s mind, in a bid to reveal the millions of lies that men tell women when they want to bed them; this theme alone has made the song very popular among people of all ages.

However, all this goes without mentioning that ‘Kuna Kuna’, which features Thee Exit Band, Brandy Maina, Fathermoh, and Savara remains Vic West’s biggest studio project, with over 22M YouTube views and still counting.

In a nutshell, you can tap the link above to stream ‘Men Can Lie’ on YouTube, although you can also stream it and any of Vic West’s other songs on Boomplay by hitting the link below;





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