Kwesi Mafia Rattles Ghanaian Music Scene With ‘Money Love’ Video

By Isaac Tugume

The music arena in Ghana has never been the same again ever since singer Kwesi Mafia came into the limelight and now that he has out a new video dubbed ‘Money Love’, the storm he raised is not about to sate!

The ‘Money Love’ video, which debuted this week on YouTube, is making Kwesi Mafia the talk of town in Accra, Kumasi, and other cities in Ghana because it’s the jam almost everyone is vibing to.

If you didn’t know that money is very important in life and that it’s the first thing every man should fall in love with, then Kwesi Mafia is here to make everyone know that through ‘Money Love’.

This jam is about the flossing, merrymaking, and good life you can live if you have money, because believe it or not, money can buy lots of things, including love and happiness!

As he performs this jam therefore, Kwesi Mafia calls out to the youths to do their hustle, make as much money as they can, and then chop it whenever and wherever they can, because it’s what the ladies want.

Spare a moment to tap the link above and stream the ‘Money Love’ video on YouTube, because like it or not, you are not ready for this explosive tune!

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