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Across The Waves Podcast

Ride the Waves of Fun and Juicy Tea with 'Across The Waves' Podcast!
If you're looking for a podcast that's full of good vibes, relatable life issues, and a whole lot of
fun, then you definitely need to check out "Across The Waves" on the Gengetone radio channel
on YouTube.
Hosted by Johnte, Badboymuck, and Donata, this dynamic trio knows how to keep you
entertained and hooked on their podcast. They serve up juicy tea and share stories that you can
totally relate to. Plus, their chemistry is off the charts!
One thing that sets this lady-two man group apart is their sense of style and fashion. They're
always serving looks and bringing those good vibes to every episode.
Trust me, you won't want to miss a single episode of "Across The Waves." It's the perfect way to
unwind, have a laugh, and feel connected to the stories they share. So, what are you waiting for?
Hop on over to the Gengetone radio channel on YouTube and show some love to "Across The Waves Pcast