Nina Roz Sparks Hysteria With Sizzling Tune ‘Nwanilaako’



By Isaac Tugume

Uganda is blazing with Nina Roz’s freshest drop titled ‘Nwanilaako’, a sensational melody that leaves everyone who experiences it feeling touchy-feely and yearning to be loved.

A song that stirs sweet sensations for listeners, ‘Nwanilaako’, which has already gone viral on airwaves across the country, is sparking intense hysteria for listeners everywhere.

Nina Roz performs ‘Nwanilaako’ in a style that not only makes the song so emotional but also very appealing to everyone, especially to people who are serious in relationships because she wants lovers to know that they must always be there for each other.

The good thing is that Ugandans are responding to her message and one of her fans identified as Faith Kasande commented thus after streaming the song on YouTube; “Nina Roz, your new song is on fire! The lyrics really resonated with me, especially love nyongera Keep creating magic! I’m blown away by your new song! The way you use words is incredible, and the emotions are so raw and real. You’re an inspiration, Nina. Keep shining!” Come touch me. think I just used up all my emojis praising your new song. It’s THAT good! Nina Roz, you’re officially my new spirit animal. Keep breaking the internet!” Gwe asinga my Ugandan property!”

Well, we can’t agree any more or less with Kasande and all we can do is urge you to click the link above to stream ‘Nwanilaako’ on YouTube too!




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