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Team Veterans Will Crack You Up  With ‘Eazy’ Video




By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone duo Team Veterans is literary cracking everyone up with their latest delivery on the Kenyan party scene, a sizzling new video dubbed ‘Eazy’, which they dropped a few days ago on YouTube.

‘Eazy’ is the kind of jam that will leave you nursing waist injuries if you don’t go slow on it because the song triggers an intense desire to get groovy for everyone who experiences it.

Known for their unique style and energetic performances, Team Veterans are intent on leaving everyone who feels the vibe in ‘Eazy’ panting for breath, reason why they dropped a music video that is laced with breathtaking scenes and captivating dance moves!

You will never know the joy and beauty of Gengetone music if you haven’t come across a jam like ‘Eazy’ yet, because as they perform this song, Team Veterans take their fans on an electrifying musical journey, intended to let them know why they should enjoy every moment of their lives!

Through this song, Team Veterans wants us to discard everything that inhibits us from enjoying the life we live; no matter whether they are physical, financial, or spiritual challenges, because life can never be free of such encounters.

They thus remind us that no matter the hardships we might face, nothing should ever stop us from sparing a moment to go merrymaking and have fun-filled moments with our friends, so we ought to make life ‘Eazy’ for ourselves.

Click the link above to stream the ‘Eazy’ video on YouTube, but don’t forget to enjoy your life while you still can!


Kwesi Mafia Vibes With The World In ‘Money Love’ Video




By Isaac Tugume

‘Money Love’, a fresh video by Ghanaian artist Kwesi Mafia, is a tune that is not only meant for Ghana but also the rest of the world because there is no country on earth where people have no love for money.

With the video now available for streaming on YouTube, ‘Money Love’ is the kind of jam that sends everyone’s heart racing the instant it starts playing, especially because it is a track that people everywhere in the world easily resonate with.

Kwesi Mafia’s focus on this heart-throbbing studio project is to urge people to love money and to make as much of it as possible because, with money, almost everything on earth becomes possible.

I mean, we have all experienced the power of money, the things it can do in people’s lives, and how life becomes so ugly if we don’t have it; that’s the exact scenario that Kwesi Mafia attempts to portray in ‘Money Love’, a video that is currently being streamed by several youths not only in Ghana but also in other parts of the world.

‘Money Love’, which comes off his latest EP dubbed ‘La Vida’, is a studio project which proves that if there is anything Kwesi Mafia has learned during his career, it is the ability to produce music that his audience easily identifies with.

Go stream the video on YouTube by tapping the link above and you’ll agree that Kwesi Mafia deserves a standing ovation for having nailed it in this jam!