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Dynaso Wegoso’s Fresh Tune ‘Wafada’ Takes  TikTok  By Storm

By Isaac Tugume

Social media platform TikTok is buzzing with a ballistic tune titled ‘Wafada’ by Ugandan dancehall music artist Dynaso Wafada, which debuted this week on YouTube and digital platforms.


A very provocative jam, ‘Wafada’ is now the latest street anthem and the jam that youths from across the country are vibing to, thanks to Dynaso  Wegoso’s ability to combine dope beats with jaw-cracking humour!

‘Wafada’ is a sidesplitting song that hits every listener differently and because of this, fans are flooding TikTok with videos of them showcasing unique dance strokes as they vibe to the song.

But besides thrilling fans on TikTok, ‘Wafada’ is also attracting huge attention on YouTube and digital platforms, where fans have since taken to streaming the jam in large numbers, especially those who have heard it booming in nightclubs and bars around the country.

Guys, you haven’t enjoyed pulsating Ugandan dancehall music if you haven’t experienced ‘Wafada’ yet, and because of that, we invite you to tap the link above to stream the song on YouTube.

However, don’t forget to check out some of the ‘Wafada’ dance challenges from fans which are available on TikTok and YouTube!