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 Nande Boyz Preach Love & Faithfulness With ‘Loyal’





By Isaac Tugume

‘Loyal’, a passionate ballad by Congolese singing duo Nande Boyz, is all about love, romance, and faithfulness, which are very vital pillars for any relationship.

It is a universally acknowledged fact that when partners fail to be ‘Loyal’ or faithful to each other, chances are high that strife will arise between them; it is upon this background that the Nande Boyz set out to compose and release ‘Loyal’.

Their intention is not just to entertain their fans, but they also aim to advocate for faithfulness among couples, because this usually results in harmony and peace in people’s homes.

The song sends out a very powerful message to the youth, especially those in relationships, calling upon them to change the way they behave, because they are bound to suffer lots of problems if they fail to be ‘Loyal’ to their partners.

Nande Boyz have over time positioned themselves as artists who release music that revolves around the things that affect people’s lives; with ‘Loyal’ they literally hit the nail on the head, because this jam, which has tens of thousands of people streaming the video on YouTube, while others enjoy it on digital platforms, is so on point!

Every lover in the house who hopes to have a fruitful relationship should tap the link above to stream ‘Loyal’ on YouTube