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‘Njeri’ By Josephyl, Teslah & Joefes Doing Rounds On Airwaves


By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan artists Teslah, Josephyl, and Joefes are making a buzz with their captivating collabo titled ‘Njeri’, which debuted on YouTube and digital platforms a few days ago.

A very hair-raising jam, ‘Njeri’ is the song being treated to massive airplay across Kenya, especially because besides the thrilling beats, the artists tend to envision a real-life situation that several youths can easily identify with.

‘Njeri’ is a song about girls who enter into relationships with men but after dating for some time find it so difficult to commit and because of that they keep straying after other men.

As they perform ‘Njeri’, Teslah, Josephyl, and Joefes paint a scene of things that thousands of youths see happening in their daily lives, especially among couples in their communities.

Being a song that people easily relate with ‘Njeri’ is becoming one of the popular jams in various parts of Kenya and other Swahili-speaking countries, because there are so many women like Njeri not only in Kenya but also in other countries.

‘Njeri’ is available for streaming on YouTube and all you have to do is tap the link above.


Unspoken Salaton & Riff Drop Explosive Banger ‘Make Way’



By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan rapper Unspoken Salaton has teamed up with Ugandan artist Riff on a volatile tune dubbed ‘Make Way’, which dropped today on YouTube.

A production of studio Black Market256, ‘Make Way’ is nothing like you’ve ever seen before on the East African music scene because this jam is a real dancehall mashup that leaves everyone who listens to it or watches the video feeling groovy!

With ‘Make Way’ Unspoken Salaton and Riff unleash a monster banger that’s bound to unite Uganda and Kenya on the dancefloor faster than anyone can ever imagine because the track is just so off the hook.

Important to note however that this studio project marks a very important milestone in Riff’s music career because this is the first international collabo he has pulled off so far, although based on the legacy he has already set, all indications are that he’s destined for greater things.

Riff is a budding Ugandan artist formerly performing with the popular choreography group Zari Dancers Africa, although he decided to pursue a solo project last year and has since released several singles.

To stream the ‘Make Way’ video on YouTube please tap the link above.