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‘To Hell With Cheating Men This Valentine’s’- Blvck Queen

By Isaac Tugume

Every woman who has been cheated on by a man she so dearly loved will confess that this is so disrespectful and, in most cases, unforgivable; this is what ‘Ukicheat’, a song by Tanzanian female rapper Blvck Queen, is all about.

So, ladies, as we head into the Valentine’s season, there’s a need to tread carefully, lest you get confronted by the ugly truth after finding out that your man has all along been cheating on you.

In ‘Ukicheat’, Blvck Queen, who has already proved to all doubters that she is a fire-spitting rapper, is out to remind men that faithfulness in a relationship is a virtue and that hell knows no fury as a woman scorned!

Blvck Queen created ‘Ukicheat’ to amuse, amaze, and educate her audience, especially the male fraternity, about the few tenets of love, which she presents in a musical composition that’s so breathtaking.

Performing the song with a very captivating demeanor and solid confidence, Blvck Queen drops a very explosive banger in ‘Ukicheat’ that’s bound to take Kenyan music to the world faster than anyone had ever anticipated.

Guys, whoever hasn’t checked out this jam yet could be the cheating type because if you’re not, what’s stopping you from hitting the link above to stream ‘Ukicheat’ on YouTube?

Tanzanian Rapper Blvck Queen Drops Debut Single ‘Ukicheat’


By Isaac Tugume

Female Tanzanian rapper Blvck Queen has unleashed a volatile tune dubbed ‘Ukicheat’, which dropped today on YouTube and all digital platforms.

A very pulsating dancehall jam, ‘Ukicheat’, which is her debut single via Black Market Records, officially unveils Blvck Queen on the East African music landscape.

In ‘Ukicheat’, Blvck Queen tells a story of a woman who is in a relationship where a man mistreats her, spends longer hours in bars than at home, and cheats on her so much that she can’t take it anymore.

To say ‘Ukicheat’ is a massive club banger is indeed an understatement because Blvck Queen goes off the hook as she splits lyrics and drops the bars, making this track a real dancehall frenzy.

It is a fact the world over that almost every couple in a relationship faces the challenges that Blvck Queen presents in this song and chances are high that ‘Ukicheat’ is bound to garner lots of attention not only in Tanzania but also in other countries across East Africa.

Good thing this sizzling jam is now available on YouTube so relax, take a deep breath, and tap the link above to blast away your weekend!

 Black Queen Kickstarts Music Career At Black Market Records



By Isaac Tugume

Tanzanian female rapper Black Queen, who signed up with Black Market Records recently, has since started working on music projects with some of the artists signed under the label.



Black Queen, who is a very creative and versatile artist, is currently in Kenya, where she went on a short working vacation at the Black Market Records studios in Nairobi.

Our sources in Kenya reveal that Black Queen has already recorded songs with artists like Mbuzi Gang, Boondocks Gang, Odi Wa Muranga among others, and is also working on some singles that will all be released during the year.

So far, all indications are that Black Queen has since kick-started her music career in high gear, and by the look of things, the sky shall be her only limit!

It should be noted that this marks a significant milestone in her career, showcasing the zeal and fresh flavour she brings to the East African music landscape.

Watch this space for details about when she is dropping her debut studio project but in the meantime, make sure to follow her on all social media platforms and on YouTube.



Tanzanian Artist Black Queen Subscribes To Team Black Market Records


By Isaac Tugume

Team Black Market Records keeps growing and the latest member to hook up with us is multi-talented Tanzanian musician Jackline Julius Nyamraba, who is popularly known by her stage name Black Queen.

A very promising artist who comes with insurmountable talent to Black Market Records, Queen TZ is poised to give all Tanzanian music enthusiasts her best, especially because she is intent on establishing her brand as a formidable musician.

Thanks to her astounding creativity, Black Queen brings new flavour and spice to Tanzanian music that will take thousands of her fans by storm, because she is not your usual artist.

Hailing from Musoma, in Tanzania, Black Queen, who has been pushing her music game since 2022, specializes in Hip-hop and is arguably one of the fast-rising rappers in Tanzania, who is here to share her musical craft with the rest of the world, especially now that she has joined Black Market Records, which is a renowned international music label.

Although she is bound to release her debut album under Black Market Records, Black Queen has already released several singles,, some of which include but are not limited to the following tracks; ‘This Is Arachuga’, ‘Black’, ‘Lazima Nicheat’, ‘Nawapangusa’, ‘Down’, ‘Anapenya’ and ‘Never’.

Get ready to be a part of Black Queen’s musical via Black Market Records, because she is surely set to take everyone places they have never been.