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Blvck Queen Makes Giant Leap With Debut Single ‘Ukicheat’

By Isaac Tugume

Tanzania is buzzing with ‘Ukicheat’, a volatile jam by budding female rapper Blvck Queen, which debuted last Friday on YouTube and digital platforms.

A song that positions Blvck Queen as one of the new-age artists that are poised to change the music landscape in Tanzania, ‘Ukicheat’ is a fusion of Bongo Flavour and rap, a combination that gives the jam a pulsating urban vibe.

‘Ukicheat’ is a song that’s about a couple that has fallen apart because the man keeps cheating on his woman and disrespecting her in so many ways that she reaches a point where she can’t take it anymore.

Blvck Queen is out to empower women all over the world to muster the courage to confront men who disrespect them and to walk out of relationships that have failed to work as a result of men being unfaithful.

As a studio project, ‘Ukicheat’ catapults Blvck Queen into the limelight as a very enterprising female rapper who is here to claim her position at the top of the rap game.

Although this is her debut single, Blvck Queen has already showcased a unique style of lyrical prowess, which when combined with infectious beats demonstrates her ability to captivate a huge audience.

Don’t miss out on this thrilling jam when you can stream the audio on YouTube by simply tapping the link above.