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Unveiled: Exploring Black Market Records’ Notable Hits Of 2023


By Gloria Nanjala

Black Market Records, a powerhouse in the music industry, continues to captivate audiences with its dynamic roster of artists and cutting-edge releases.

In the vibrant landscape of 2023, four standout tracks have emerged, each contributing a unique flavor to the label’s diverse catalog and they include;


‘Kaskie Vibaya’ by Fathermoh ft Ssaru

Fathermoh’s certified hit ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ has been making waves on YouTube ever since its release, racking up an impressive 10.8 million views in nine months.

The video, which features talented Kenyan artist Sylvia Ssaru, has captured the attention of over 10.8M viewers around the world.

From its captivating visuals, and witty lyrics to its unique beats from producer Vic West, no wonder this video is gaining so much popularity, now exposing Fathermoh to the limelight as a very talented artist.


‘Bad Girl’ by Swat Matire ft Fathermoh and Shekinah Karen

A Gengetone gem, ‘Bad Girl’ is a bold exploration of lifestyle. The track, which boasts over 879K YouTube views quickly became a favourite for fans on TikTok, thanks to its catchy hooks and Swat’s undeniable chemistry with the other two artists who also had worked together on another certified hit.  A song that leaves an indelible mark on the listeners, ‘Bad Girl was a powerful comeback for Gengetone sensation Swat Matire. Make sure to check it out on YouTube.


‘Pesa Ndogo’ by Exray Taniua ft Mejja

This track is one of the top 20 Black Market Records hits that are dominating the official Spotify Gengetone 2023 Playlist. Mejja’s contribution was a big plus, merging Exray’s fans with his, leading to a forever hit song on the Gengetone scene. Now at 1.5 million YouTube views in a span of 5 months, the hit, produced by the late Byron, continues to be a favourite among several Gengetone fans


‘Kwa Bar’ by Odi Wa Muranga ft Fathermoh And HarryCraze

Odi Wa Muranga’s ‘Kwa Bar’ adds another layer to Black Market Records’ musical tapestry. Harry Craze’s signature style in this song exposed the magic that was created by these three artists. His catchy verse elevated the numbers to over 3 million YouTube views in a span of three months. It has been a sensational track on TikTok, with creators dancing to Harry Craze’s verse and vibing to Odi’s and Fathermoh’s lyrics. Check out the visuals on YouTube for a more fun musical experience.

Collectively, these notable releases underscore Black Market Records’ role as a trendsetter in the music industry. The label’s ability to curate a roster of artists with distinct voices and styles contributes to its enduring influence.

The 2023 releases showcase a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, fostering creativity, and providing a platform for musicians who challenge the status quo.

For music enthusiasts seeking fresh and ground-breaking sounds, Black Market Records remains a label to watch, promising a continued journey into uncharted musical territories.






‘Share’ By Fathermoh, Harry Craze & Swat Matire Is So Lit




By Isaac Tugume

Fathermoh, who is arguably one of Kenya’s most illustrious artists, has dropped a new jam titled ‘Share’, which he kills together with his comrades on the mic, Harry Craze and Swat Matire.

‘Share’, which is one of the numerous studio projects that Fathermoh has released on the Kenyan music scene this year, is a complete Gengetone mash-up that is already thrilling thousands of his fans because it’s an adrenaline-raising banger!

In ‘Share’, Fathermoh drops a fun song in which he talks about homeboys partying and sharing babes; like you smash and thereafter pass on the babe’s number to another homeboy.

The catchy line in the song is; ‘Sharing is caring,’ hence, according to Fathermoh, it is highly advisable for guys to show how much they care about each other by sharing babes’ numbers with their buddies after smashing.

It is a pulsating jam that highly appeals to the youth, especially those using social media platforms like TikTok, Telegram, Snapchat, and others because it is where the sharing feature is commonly used.

As he performs ‘Share’, Fathermoh employs the use of tantalizing allegories and innuendos that make the song a very electrifying masterpiece which every Kenyan music enthusiast should check out; simply tap the link above to stream ‘Share’ on YouTube.