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Emilian Starz Premieres ‘Dictionary’ Video On Star TV


By Isaac Tugume

Emilian Starz, who is one of Uganda’s most promising female artists, officially unveiled her latest music video titled ‘Dictionary’ for Star TV viewers over the weekend.

Appearing on Star TV’s Kawungeezi Xpress show as a guest artist, Emilian Starz thrilled viewers as she premiered the ‘Dictionary’ video, accompanying the unveiling with a sweltering live performance of the jam that left many of the viewers in awe.

Released just a few weeks ago, ‘Dictionary’ is one of the music videos that are currently trending on various TV stations not only in Uganda but also across East Africa, because it is such a mouthwatering visual piece!

However, besides being popular on several TV stations, ‘Dictionary’ is also one of the Ugandan music videos being streamed extensively on YouTube, currently with over 166K views and still counting.

Performed with a soothing voice and in a style that stirs intense passion for everyone who experiences this video, ‘Dictionary’ showcases Emilian Starz’s exceptional versatility as an artist.

You will only be doing yourself a disservice if you haven’t watched ‘Dictionary’ either on Star TV or any other TV station in the country, because the video is also available on YouTube; just tap the link above to stream it!