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‘Bonjour’ By Neliah Debuts On Spotify & Other Digital Platforms



By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan artist Neliah has released her long-awaited single dubbed ‘Bonjour’, which is now available on Spotify and other digital streaming platforms, and is soon flooding airwaves throughout the country.

A jam that will hit everyone differently, ‘Bonjour’ is a song that returns Neliah to the Ugandan music scene with intense veracity, especially because it’s a very pulsating party tune.

‘Bonjour’ is a massive tune in which Neliah unleashes for her audience a captivating fusion of infectious beats, guaranteeing an irresistible rhythm that will have every listener nodding and tapping their feet as they vibe to this jam.

With this ‘Bonjour’, Neliah delivers a danceable snare, accompanied by a subtle yet undeniable baseline that seamlessly ties all elements of the song into a delectable musical experience that every listener will find so appealing and tempting to replay.

Known for her sweet sensational voice, Neliah delivers ‘Bonjour’ with one intent; to spread positive vibes and endless joy among her fans, no matter who they are or where they are enjoying this jam from, and, don’t be surprised if hearing it booming in your favourite nightclub or bar.

Tap the link above to stream ‘Bonjour’ on Spotify but don’t forget that it is also available on other digital platforms; check out the link file below;