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‘Men Can Lie’ Video By Vic West, Teslah, Brandy Maina & Ssaru Drops On YouTube




By Isaac Tugume

East Africa is buzzing with a brand-new video titled ‘Men Can Lie’ by Vic West, Teslah, Sylvia Ssaru, and Brandy Maina, which debuted on YouTube today, Friday, January 19, 2024.

The ‘Men Can Lie’ video, which is already being streamed widely on YouTube, is a fascinating visual masterpiece that officially kicks off the New Year with a bang not only in Kenya but also in other parts of Africa, especially because it’s a song that cuts across various audiences.


In ‘Men Can Lie’ the artists are out to not only entertain but to also address the issue of men telling lies to women they want to lure into bed.

This is a situation that people from all walks of life easily relate to because they have experienced it at some point in life, reason why ‘Men Can Lie’ has all the signs of being an all-time hit.

Believe it or not, this video, which is a brainy creation of famous videographer Director Lozh, is bound to set the bar higher for other Kenyan artists because it’s comparable to none on the market currently.

With this jam, which is already a certified hit, Vic West, Teslah, Ssaru, and Brandy Maina unleash a new era in the Kenyan music industry and to make sense of it all, just tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube.