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‘Make Way’ By Unspoken Salaton & Riff Turns Up Heat In E. Africa


By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan rapper Unspoken Salaton teamed up with budding Ugandan dancehall artist Riff on a tune dubbed ‘Make Way’, which is ripping the East African party scene apart!

‘Make Way’, which is a reverberating party jam, is currently one of the songs rocking fans all the way from Nairobi to Kampala, Dar-es-Salaam to Juba, and Kigali to Kinshasa.

A song with the potential to turn up the heat on the dancehall the instant it starts playing, ‘Make Way’ is so off the hook because it’s the kind of music that sets the audience on fire!

Being a combination of sizzling Ugandan Afribeats and Gengetone vibes, ‘Make Way’ is a flavoured tune that doesn’t need any seasoning, because it’s already a delectable party extravaganza.

This studio project, which is Riff’s sophomore video, highlights his astounding evolution as an artist and his ability to push boundaries within the music industry, which will eventually see him get on top of his game.

Riff is formerly a member of the Ugandan dance group the Zari Dancers Africa, who decided to pursue a solo career,  and, based on ‘Make Way’ and the other songs he has dropped so far, he is evidently on the right track!

Go stream the  ‘Make Way’ video on YouTube by clicking the link above.




‘Make Way’ By Riff & Unspoken Salaton Video Thrills East Africa


By Isaac Tugume

Ugandan dancehall artist Riff and Kenyan rapper Unspoken Salaton are causing a buzz across East Africa with their latest video dubbed ‘Make Way’, which is a reverberating party tune!

‘Make Way’, which is being widely streamed on YouTube, is a studio project that has since unleashed a new chapter on the  East African music scene, because it’s a banger that dropped when it was least expected and is quickly taking over.

A dancehall jam that unplugs Riff and Unspoken Salaton, ‘Make Way’ is a musical experience through which these two artists take fans on a nostalgic journey with their highly energetic and memorable performance.

What’s most remarkable about ‘Make Way’ however is that it goes beyond being just a pulsating jam because this studio project is also a profound unifying factor between Ugandan and Kenya, which is a positive for the music industries of both countries.

Although Riff is a fast-rising artist who has several songs to his name, based on the attention this jam is garnering from several corners, chances are high that ‘Make Way’ is likely to become his biggest musical breakthrough this year.

Let’s show him some support by tapping the link above to stream the ‘Make Way’ video on YouTube.


Riff & Unspoken Salaton Causing Rampage With Fresh Video ‘Make Way’   


By Isaac Tugume

If you are a fan of music that causes raptures on the dancehall floor the moment it starts playing then ‘Make Way’, a powerful joint by Ugandan artist Riff and Kenyan rapper Unspoken Salaton, is your kind of thing!


A very volatile dancehall tune that’s performed both in Luganda and Swahili, ‘Make Way’ is one of the jams rocking the East African party scene currently.

With the video now attracting streams from various corners on YouTube, ‘Make Way’ is a thrilling visual piece of art that is ideal for the whole family, especially because it doesn’t contain explicit content.

‘Make Way’ is a studio project that’s bound to enable Riff to make bigger strides in the Uganda music industry than he already has, because the video is doing much at showcasing his great musical potential to the world.

It is a song that’s perfect for listening to any day, any time mainly because it’s easy to listen to and has a relaxed, cool feel that it induces in everyone who experiences it.

Click the link above to stream the video right now on YouTube and you’ll know what Riff is capable of!

Unspoken Salaton & Riff Drop Explosive Banger ‘Make Way’



By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan rapper Unspoken Salaton has teamed up with Ugandan artist Riff on a volatile tune dubbed ‘Make Way’, which dropped today on YouTube.

A production of studio Black Market256, ‘Make Way’ is nothing like you’ve ever seen before on the East African music scene because this jam is a real dancehall mashup that leaves everyone who listens to it or watches the video feeling groovy!

With ‘Make Way’ Unspoken Salaton and Riff unleash a monster banger that’s bound to unite Uganda and Kenya on the dancefloor faster than anyone can ever imagine because the track is just so off the hook.

Important to note however that this studio project marks a very important milestone in Riff’s music career because this is the first international collabo he has pulled off so far, although based on the legacy he has already set, all indications are that he’s destined for greater things.

Riff is a budding Ugandan artist formerly performing with the popular choreography group Zari Dancers Africa, although he decided to pursue a solo project last year and has since released several singles.

To stream the ‘Make Way’ video on YouTube please tap the link above.