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Congolese Duo Nande Boyz Making Huge Impact With ‘Panadol’


By Isaac Tugume

The sky is the limit for Congolese group Nande Boyz and whoever doesn’t believe this should check out their latest jam dubbed ‘Panadol’, which is leaving a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of people.

If you have ever been in love with someone who makes you feel like you’re in paradise every time he or she is around you, then you understand what the Nande Boyz are talking about in ‘Panadol’.

This is because ‘Panadol’ is a very captivating love song in which Nande Boyz paint a picture of a man who is so passionately in love with a woman whom he can only compare to a powerful pain killer like Panadol.

The kind of feeling that Nande Boyz describe in this jam can best be easily understood by people who have experienced true love before because only they can comprehend what it means to love someone so much that they even relieve you of all kinds of pain!

No wonder this jam has since become a sensation not only in the Democratic Republic of Congo but also in other countries across Africa, because in ‘Panadol’ the Nande Boyz focus on love, a matter that concerns everyone in the world.

To stream ‘Panadol’ on YouTube simply tap the link above.





Congolese Group Nandeboyz To Drop Fresh Jam After ‘Panadol’ Video


By Isaac Tugume

Nandeboyz, a Congolese singing duo that has on YouTube a captivating video dubbed ‘Panadol’, is set to drop a new single titled ‘Wish’, which is debuting on YouTube and digital platforms this Friday, January 26th, 2024

‘Wish’, which is their second studio project this year, is bound to solidify the Nandeboyz as a group of musicians that are here to galvanize their fans across East Africa by bombarding them with one dope hit after another!

Known for their electrifying jams, ‘Wish’ is another dope creation by Nandeboyz that will leave their fans nodding in approval after reaching a consensus that these dudes never disappoint every time they work on a studio project.

Meanwhile, as we wait for them to release ‘Wish’, let’s not forget Nande Boyz continue to rock fans with ‘Panadol’, a very metaphorical love song that is being streamed by over 28K people on YouTube and still counting.

In ‘Panadol’, Nandeboyz focus on the healing power of love, letting their audience understand that a man who finds a woman he truly loves finds a pain killer that is as effective as Panadol tablets.

Guys, watch this space for details about their forthcoming jam but in the meantime, tap the link above to stream ‘Panadol’ on YouTube.


New Drop ‘Panado’l By Nandeboyz Is Groundbreaking



By Isaac Tugume

Congolese group Nande Boyz is fast finding their footing in the entertainment industry thanks to their newest single titled ‘Panadol’, a tune that has thousands of their fans vibing to the thrilling beats.

A blend between a love melody and party jam, ‘Panadol’ is a song that is not limited by time, venue, or the type of company you keep, because Nandeboyz created it in a unique style that makes the song enjoyable for everyone, no matter the time of the day,  or place!

In ‘Panadol’, Nandeboyz sing about a woman whose love is so strong that it has healing powers, whereby just like Panadol, which is a renowned painkiller, her love relieves pain for men.

A song that resonates with their audience in a very profound way, ‘Panadol’ is a very significant studio project for the Nandeboyz regarding their music career and what’s more, is that the song adds another layer of interest to their music.

It’s as if they are sending out a powerful message to everyone in the industry that they are not only here to entertain their fans but to also conquer the music realm; and, going by their works so far, they aren’t far from fulfilling their dream!

Immerse yourself into this electrifying tune by tapping the link above to stream the video on YouTube.




Nande Boyz Serenade Fans With ‘Panadol’ Video




By Isaac Tugume

It’s just a matter of time before Congolese musical brand Nande Boyz circulates across East Africa and beyond, because their latest release, a video dubbed ‘Panadol’ is already taking them places!

‘Panadol’, which debuted on YouTube a few days ago, is not only attracting immense attention for the Nande Boyz, but the project is also doing much to keep them in the limelight.

With ‘Panadol’ the Nande Boyz unveil for their audience a highly emotional love song that’s heavily laden with allegory and metaphors because according to them, having someone you love deeply is equivalent to having a pain killer like Panadol!

Although they are new kids on the music block, the hands-on approach to production that Nande Boyz showcase in most of their studio projects has allowed them to infuse every track with their unique musical vision, which has seen them rapidly progress over time.

‘Panadol’, just like most of their songs, brings about a sense of raw authenticity to their music, capturing the energy and emotions in their every performance, a combination that makes Nande Boyz stand out from all other Congolese artists.

Folks, you can only have a real feel of what Nande Boyz are capable of if you tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube.