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 Exray Taniua Stuns Fans With Fresh Drop ‘Monika’ ft. Lil Maina



By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan musician Exray Taniua has proved to everyone that he is on top of the Gengetone game, thanks to his latest offering dubbed ‘Monika’, a sweltering collabo with Lil Maina.

With ‘Monika’, which he dropped just recently, Exray Taniua is already on the minds of thousands of fans in Kenya and other countries, because this is a jam that hits everyone hard!

By the way, it’s important to note that ‘Monika’ is not just any song, because it is the perfect jam for people who want to enjoy merrymaking, no matter the time of day or place.

Exray performs this song with a mixture of good beats and captivating lyrics, making it easy for the track to appeal to lots of different people, especially since it’s all about having fun.

A typical example of how great it can be when artists work together, ‘Monika’ is a very electrifying creation by Exray that is already being streamed by over 31K fans on YouTube and counting, indicating how big it is on the Kenyan music scene.

Directed by Tony de Giggz and pieced together by producer Deus, ‘Monika’ is the ideal jam to keep you company throughout this year, especially if you are the kind of person who wants to live a stress-free life.

Tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube right now!


New Video Alert: ‘Men Can Lie’ By Vic West ft. Ssaru, Teslah & Brandy Maina



By Isaac Tugume

All Kenyan music enthusiasts should gather here small-small, because Gengetone maestro Vic West has just revealed that he is soon releasing the video for his explosive hit ‘Men Can Lie’, a collabo with Sylvia Ssaru, Teslah, and Brandy Maina.

Credible information gathered by this website indicates that following the massive reception that the audio, which was released a few weeks ago has attracted from fans, Vic West has since agreed with his counterparts on the project to release the visuals for ‘Men Can Lie’.

Although they are yet to zero in on the exact date of release for the video, sources close to Vic West reveal that it is set to be released in early January, meaning that it’s dropping any time from now!
A song that sparked controversy after its release, ‘Men Can Lie’ is a jam that takes listeners into a labyrinth of the endless lies men tell women they intend to lay.

Being a song about the realities that most listeners have experienced in life before, ‘Men Can Lie’ has since attracted the attention of over 140K fans who are streaming the audio on YouTube, while others are enjoying it on digital streaming platforms.

Make sure to watch this space for updates about when the video is dropping but as you do so, don’t forget to tap the link above to stream the audio on YouTube!


‘Hallelujah’ Singer Nina Roz Reveals Why She Decided To Back To School



By Isaac Tugume

Celebrated Ugandan female musician Nina Roz, who has out a motivational song with pastor Wilson Bugembe, has revealed why she decided to return to University this year, several years after she had dropped out to pursue her music career.

Nina Roz surprised thousands of her fans this week when she announced that she is set to resume studies this year at the  International University of East Africa, where she is to pursue a bachelors degree in Business Administration.

The announcement took many of her fans by storm and to calm down the fire she sparked with the news, Nina Roz has since come out to address the matter.

“I wanted to add on what I know and I wanted to learn what I don’t know. Going back to school was a choice I made because there is life after music. I wanna get skills and experience, I wanna learn a lot. It was a personal decision that I made for my life,” Nina Roz said on social media, following incessant questions from her fans.

Meanwhile, the best part of it is that Nina Roz doesn’t intend to halt her music career in the pursuit of higher education because she intends to continue thrilling her audience with great jams starting this January!

It should be recalled that in 2021 Nina Roz dropped out of the International University of East Africa, where she was pursuing a bachelors degree in Business Administration,  to concentrate on her music career.

Now that she has already made it as one of Uganda’s leading female artists, there is no reason why she shouldn’t pursue her other aspirations.

As we wish her well in her endeavours therefore, let’s not forget to tap the link above to stream ‘Hallelujah’ on YouTube, a song in which she reminds everyone that with God’s grace, everything is possible!



Emilian Starz Sends Hearts Racing With ‘Dictionary’ Video




By Isaac Tugume

Sensational Ugandan artist Emilian Starz has thousands of people captivated by her latest release dubbed ‘Dictionary’, which is a heart-racing love song.

Believe it or not, very few expected Emilian Starz to shake the Uganda music scene the way she is doing with ‘Dictionary’, because it has since become a song that has everyone talking.

With ‘Dictionary’ Emilian Starz delivers for her audience a ballad that is not only easy to listen to, but also has a relaxed, cool feel and is ideal to enjoy whether alone or with your special someone, no matter where you are or what time it is.

This explains why the video is not only circulating widely on TV stations across Uganda, Rwanda, and other East African countries but is also being streamed on YouTube by over 165K fans and still counting.

As we kick off this new year therefore, it’s highly advised that everyone who wants to find love makes Emilian Starz their closest ally, because with ‘Dictionary’ she is here to take you through the complexities of what you are about to encounter.

And by the way don’t forget that with just a single click on the link above you can stream the ‘Dictionary’ video on YouTube.



‘Bend Ova’ Singer AGS Remedy Thrills Fans At Live Show In Ghana




By Isaac Tugume

Ghanaian rapper AGS Remedy, who has out a video dubbed ‘Bend Ova’, staged a very electrifying live performance at Konkosa Bar Event Centre in Accra, last week, during which he thrilled the huge crowd that attended the show.

AGS Remedy and his crew performing
AGS Remedy and his crew performing

Performing at a gig dubbed ‘A Night With AGS Remedy’, the rapper, who stormed the stage with his crew known as AGS World, gave the audience a night to remember because the performance was so massive.

Besides ‘Bend Ova’, AGS Remedy performed for the crowd some of his great jams like; ‘Alright’,  ‘991’, ‘Oheema’, ‘Hell &  Back’,  plus many others that left the revelers nodding in approval.

AGS Remedy and Crew thrilling the crowd
AGS Remedy and Crew thrilling the crowd

By the time the show ended in the wee hours of the morning many of the partiers had enjoyed themselves to the fullest, thanks to AGS Remedy’s pulsating performance.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that AGS Remedy has out a new EP dubbed the ‘+4499’ Mixtape, which features powerful jams like; ‘Barbie’, ‘Bend Ova’, ‘Adiza’, ‘Let Them Know’ and ‘Why Me’, some of which he sampled during the said show.

However, in case you missed AGS Remedy’s live performance there’s no need to fret because you can still tap the link above to stream his hot video ‘Bend Ova’ on YouTube.


King Baganda Drops Debut Single ‘Monica’ ft. G-Wills



By Isaac Tugume

Budding Uganda-based  Congolese musician King Baganda has released a sizzling new jam dubbed ‘Monica’, which is a massive collabo with his comrade on the mic G-Wills.

A very explosive Amapiano tune, ‘Monica’, which is his debut single, officially unveils King Baganda onto the East African music scene as an artist who is here to take the Amapiano genre in Uganda to another level.

Now available on YouTube and digital streaming platforms, ‘Monica’ is a good vibe song in which King Baganda sings about a woman he adores because of her stunning beauty and the way she makes him feel whenever he is with her.

What’s even more unique about this song is that, unlike most Ugandan artists, King Baganda performs the jam in English and with a style that gives it an international appeal, hence positioning it for a global audience.

‘Monica’ is therefore by all means bound to thrust King Baganda into the limelight of the East African music scene and it won’t be long before his fans in other countries also catch the vibe.

A multi-talented artist, King Baganda is a very promising musician currently doing his thing under Musoni Music and we urge you to support him by tapping the link above to stream his banger ‘Monica’ on YouTube.