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 ‘Mother In Law’: A Showcase Of Lyrical Maturity By Joefes




By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan Gengetone artist Joefes is out to showcase his lyrical maturity with ‘Mother In Law’, a pulsating collabo featuring Kushaman, which is already posting tens of thousands of YouTube views.

Although he has always been known to produce music that is mainly about flossing, partying with babes, and getting high, which majorly appeal to the youth, in ‘Mother In Law’ Joefes goes out of his way to address the issue of mothers who break up their daughters’ marriages by seducing their husbands.

The subject that he addresses in this song concerns almost everyone, not only in Kenya but everywhere else in the world because this is a scenario that can happen in real life.

The storyline that Joefes chose in this song is so captivating that it compels everyone who comes across the jam to pay extra attention to what the artist is saying, which explains the huge number of fans that have since taken to streaming the video.

Dropped just two weeks ago, the ‘Mother In Law’ video has already zoomed over 103K YouTube views, indicating that the song struck a common nerve among several Kenyan music enthusiasts, who are streaming it in large numbers.

Everyone should tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube because you never know what the intentions of your ‘Mother In Law’ might be!