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Mbuzi Gang Turns Up Heat With ‘Sekete’ ft. Harry Craze



By Isaac Tugume

Are you a fan of Gengetone music or a religious follower of the Kenyan group Mbuzi Gang? Well, we have great news for you, because they are set to drop a fresh banger dubbed ‘Sekete’, which features Rico Gang member Harry Craze.

A jam that’s bound to shake tables on the East African music scene, ‘Sekete’ is dropping a few days from now, but word about the song is spreading like wildfire, causing excitement everywhere!

True to Mbuzi Gang’s legacy, ‘Sekete’ is another banger that’s about getting frisky, living life without fear or favour to anyone, and enjoying it like the big party it is.

This jam, which will change the Kenyan music landscape as we know it, also highlights the aspect of nosy neighbours, who instead of minding their own business end up interfering with their neighbours’ lives.

With this studio project, the Mbuzi Gang return to the music radar with intense veracity and prove to everyone that they are not about to relinquish their position as the G.O.A.Ts of Gengetone.

Stay tuned to GengetoneRadio.Com for updates on when ‘Sekete’ is being released but in the meantime, you can tap the link above to check out the promo video on X (Twitter).


 Mbuzi Gang Return With New Explosive Banger ‘Sekete’



By Isaac Tugume

Gengetone kingpins Mbuzi Gang are back with a fresh, explosive jam dubbed ‘Sekete’, which will shake the East African when it drops.

Dropping on YouTube and digital platforms any day from now, ‘Sekete’ is a musical flavour that Mbuzi Gang have yet to serve to their fans and the song’s visuals will blow everyone away!

If you are the kind of person who enjoys pulsating Gengetone vibes then ‘Sekete’ is the thing for you, because Mbuzi Gang created this jam with one mission; to leave a lasting impression on everyone who experiences it.

In ‘Sekete’, the Mbuzi Gang return to the Kenyan music scene in full blast, and the flames of fire they are set to cause with this banger will take decades to quench because it’s an all-time classic.

The promo visuals that are doing rounds on Instagram and other social media platforms already indicate that ‘Sekete’ is bound to blow up the party scene in Kenya and other Swahili-speaking nations across East Africa, because it’s so killer!

Look out for updates on when ‘Sekete’ is dropping from GengetoneRadio.com, but you can click the above to check the promo clips for the song.



‘Miondoko’ By Rico Gang ft Mbuzi Gang Hits 7M YouTube Views


By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan group Rico Gang continues to rock the music scene with their massive banger ‘Miondoko’ featuring Mbuzi Gang, which now boasts over 7M YouTube views and still counting.

A jam that went viral on TikTok and all social media platforms shortly after its release, ‘Miondoko’ has proved to everyone that it’s an all-time classic that’s not about to lose steam.

As a studio project, ‘Miondoko’ is a tune that not only thrills Gengetone fans as a joyous club banger but the song has also done much at keeping Rico Gang in the limelight, especially because it’s arguably one of their biggest projects ever.

‘Miondoko’ ranks high among the songs that have been dominating the party landscape in Kenya ever since it debuted last year and according to the latest developments, that’s not about to change.

This is because millions of Gengetone fans continue to showcase their undying love for the jam by endlessly streaming it on YouTube, which explains the endless growth in the number of views.

It’s therefore apt to assert that Rico Gang hit gold with ‘Miondoko’ and because of this, let’s all hit the link above to stream the video on YouTube too!


‘Share’ By Fathermoh, Harry Craze & Swat Matire Is So Lit




By Isaac Tugume

Fathermoh, who is arguably one of Kenya’s most illustrious artists, has dropped a new jam titled ‘Share’, which he kills together with his comrades on the mic, Harry Craze and Swat Matire.

‘Share’, which is one of the numerous studio projects that Fathermoh has released on the Kenyan music scene this year, is a complete Gengetone mash-up that is already thrilling thousands of his fans because it’s an adrenaline-raising banger!

In ‘Share’, Fathermoh drops a fun song in which he talks about homeboys partying and sharing babes; like you smash and thereafter pass on the babe’s number to another homeboy.

The catchy line in the song is; ‘Sharing is caring,’ hence, according to Fathermoh, it is highly advisable for guys to show how much they care about each other by sharing babes’ numbers with their buddies after smashing.

It is a pulsating jam that highly appeals to the youth, especially those using social media platforms like TikTok, Telegram, Snapchat, and others because it is where the sharing feature is commonly used.

As he performs ‘Share’, Fathermoh employs the use of tantalizing allegories and innuendos that make the song a very electrifying masterpiece which every Kenyan music enthusiast should check out; simply tap the link above to stream ‘Share’ on YouTube.




 ‘Mother In Law’: A Showcase Of Lyrical Maturity By Joefes




By Isaac Tugume

Kenyan Gengetone artist Joefes is out to showcase his lyrical maturity with ‘Mother In Law’, a pulsating collabo featuring Kushaman, which is already posting tens of thousands of YouTube views.

Although he has always been known to produce music that is mainly about flossing, partying with babes, and getting high, which majorly appeal to the youth, in ‘Mother In Law’ Joefes goes out of his way to address the issue of mothers who break up their daughters’ marriages by seducing their husbands.

The subject that he addresses in this song concerns almost everyone, not only in Kenya but everywhere else in the world because this is a scenario that can happen in real life.

The storyline that Joefes chose in this song is so captivating that it compels everyone who comes across the jam to pay extra attention to what the artist is saying, which explains the huge number of fans that have since taken to streaming the video.

Dropped just two weeks ago, the ‘Mother In Law’ video has already zoomed over 103K YouTube views, indicating that the song struck a common nerve among several Kenyan music enthusiasts, who are streaming it in large numbers.

Everyone should tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube because you never know what the intentions of your ‘Mother In Law’ might be!